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Physical Web FAQs: How to manage Eddystone URLs and more


It’s been just three months into 2016 and we have already seen Eddystone make some major announcements which has now put the beacon format well ahead on the track to becoming the new beacon industry standard. Not only did they open doors to 800 million additional users for businesses by announcing Chrome browser support on […]

4 Success Metrics for Proximity Marketing Campaigns and How to Achieve them


Beacons are already making great headway in 2016. Right from their successful deployment in Australia’s second oldest zoo to their use for tracking important assets at Nicklaus Children’s Hospital, we are witnessing a fast paced growth in the number of beacon deployments in various industry verticals. In fact, the number of beacon deployments is expected […]

Best of Beacons This Week: Google’s Security Framework for Eddystone and more


We are back with another issue of ‘Best of Beacons’ this Week. This week we’ve got a great lineup of beacon articles in store, right from how Australia’s second oldest zoo is using iBeacon technology to enhance visitors’ experiences to the ways in which Barneys New York is solving the personalisation problem with the help […]

6 Impressive Location-based Features that Every Retail App Should have


With omnichannel retail fast becoming a reality, it’s imperative that retailers connect to customers across all touch points, digital and physical. According to a recent study, companies with omnichannel customer engagement strategies retain 89% of customers on average. One of the factors playing a critical role in today’s omnichannel retail is smartphones. Last year, the […]

Retail 2016: Why Retailers should use Beacons to Target Millennials


Millennials—born between 1980 and 2000—make up the most influential key demographic in the growing retail industry as they were the first generation to grow up in the new world’s explosion of technology. They are confident, savvy, goal-oriented, and are often defined as the always-connected generation. And, they are now changing the rules of brand marketing, […]