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Beacons in 2016: What to Expect from iBeacon, Eddystone and more


With close to about 4 Million beacons deployed globally, 2015 was arguably the best year for proximity marketing yet. And going by the latest numbers from Proxbook’s Q4 2015 Report, the industry is well on track to deploy 400 Million beacons by 2020. And what is all the more exciting is that, while most of […]

Asia’s First iBeacon Treasure Hunt powered by Beaconstac

Beaconstac powered iBeacon Scavenger Hunt

Last month saw the implementation of the first iBeacon Treasure Hunt in Asia at Saarang 2016, one of the most popular college fests in India. The event was organized by Clozerr, a customer-retention app that makes use of iBeacon technology. Close to 30 Beaconstac beacons were deployed throughout the event venue (IIT-M campus in Chennai) […]

Best of Beacons this Week: Proximity Marketing Industry on Track to Deploy 400 Million Beacons by 2020 and more

Proximity-marketing-industry-is-growing-at-a-tremendous-pace-and-is predicted-to-deploy-400-Million-beacons-by-2020

We are back with another issue of ‘Best of Beacons this Week’. This week we’ve got a great lineup of beacon articles in store, right from the do’s and don’ts to be followed while developing a beacon app to the must-have features that retailer should offer to ensure a seamless consumer experience both online and […]

Creating a Beacon Campaign for your Library using Beaconstac

Creating a Beacon Campaign for your Library using Beaconstac

Libraries today are unique, integrated learning centres that not only have a wide collection of books and online resources but also serve as venues for informative workshops. Given the sheer scale of resources and operations, technology plays a pivotal role in maintaining a successful library. iBeacon is one such technology, that is hugely transforming experiences […]

4 Mistakes to Avoid When Developing Your Beacon App


The rise of iBeacon technology was one of the major news stories of 2015. Nevertheless, near the end of 2015, many mainstream publications rushed to declare Apple’s iBeacon technology as a fad that couldn’t live up to its hype. This resulted in many business insiders stepping up to give insights on the real state of […]