Announcing Eddystone Compliant Beacons and the BeaconStone App

Announcing Eddystone compliant beacons and the BeaconStone app

We are excited to announce that our beacons are now Eddystone compliant! Starting this week, we are shipping Eddystone compliant beacons to anyone who places an order for a Beaconstac kit. To give you a quick preview of Eddystone, it’s the new beacon format Google announced in July this year. It is cross-platform and is […]

Know All about the Beaconstac Starter Kit

Beaconstac Starter Kit

  If you have been following our blog, you must have noticed the mention of the ‘Beaconstac Starter Kit’ quite too often. If you too, like most of our readers, are interested in knowing what the kit is all about and why we introduced it, this blog will be quite helpful. Let’s get started! 1. […]

Introducing the Beaconstac app – Watch Beacons in Action!

Feature Image_Introducing the Beaconstac app

Although the whole world is excited to see, learn and understand beacons, very few have actually seen a beacon and an app work together. We got a lot of questions about how beacons work in a real-world scenario and how the Beaconstac platform can be used to trigger proximity messages. So, we built our Beaconstac […]

Bringing Beaconstac to Xamarin Developers


Over the past 2 decades of computing, one thing has been evident: technology’s charge into new arenas has almost always been led by developers. Going by the hundreds of thousands of apps on iOS & Android, what your smartphone can do today (think about posting pictures, flagging a cab, or messaging your friends halfway around […]

India’s first Beacon App Hack Day ends on a high note


  20 geeks. 12 hours. 10 apps. – India’s first Beacon app hack day was sure a phenomenal success! I am sure you have all been waiting with bated breath to know how India’s first Beacon App Hack Day turned out. Well, true to all the anticipation and hype surrounding it, the hackathon was truly […]