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Introducing “keychain beacons” for real estate, events and on-the-move applications

Keychain beacons as small as a coin

As the beacon market matures, we see a proportional maturity in its use-cases and the verticals it is entering. In 2017, we observed beacons move beyond retail storefronts and aisles, to being leveraged by real estate agents, service-based professionals and business owners at local meetups, huge expos, conferences. To support these on-the-move applications, Beaconstac introduces […]

6 sure-fire ways to increase CTR and engagement of beacon campaigns

6 sure-fire ways to increase CTR and of beacon campaigns

Marketers are adopting beacons at an exciting rate. While some of them have established what beacon strategies work best for them, some are still in the early stage of crafting a beacon marketing strategy. Irrespective of which stage you are in, the primary goal is to increase the click-through rate (CTR) and engagement of their […]

Beaconstac as an Onyx Beacon alternative

Beaconstac as an alternative to Onyxbeacon

Past week Onyx Beacon announced they were discontinuing their service. Since we have had several Onyx Beacon customers and resellers across the world reach out to us, we believed it was a good idea to write a short post to say we are here for you and why we are a great alternative! Onyx Beacon features […]

Announcing StaffNearby: Workforce location tracking and attendance management using beacons

As we continue to add new features and expand the scope of what is possible for companies globally, we are excited to announce the Beaconstac Solutions Program that takes the power of the Beaconstac platform and expands it to other verticals that are seeing tremendous traction globally. The first of these announcements today is from […]

Announcing NearBee for iOS: Bringing the Physical Web and Nearby notifications to iPhone users

Nearbee app for iOS users

In October 2017, Chrome dropped support for the Physical Web, removing it from both Android and iOS, citing the much improved Nearby Notifications platform on Android as the preferred mechanism for beacon-based notifications. Because Nearby notifications are built into the Android OS through Google Play Services, this change had little impact on Android users. However, […]