QR Codes for Financial Institutions: The Rise of QR Code Payments

According to Facts and Factors, the global mobile technology market in 2019 was approximately USD 290 billion and is expected to reach over USD 5,500 billion by 2026. Read this blog post to learn how QR Codes are used in financial institutions.

7 Use-Cases of QR Codes in the Automobile Industry That Go Beyond Tracking!

QR Codes in the automobile industry

Although QR Codes were designed to track automotive manufacturing parts, popular car manufacturers such as Cadillac, GM Motors, and Mercedes have adopted QR Codes for more than just tracking. Read this blog post to know other unique use-cases of QR Codes in the automobile industry.

7 Unique Ways to Engage Customers

With more prominent firms like Uber witnessing steep losses in the post COVID-19 phase, it is important to understand how to engage with customers to keep the momentum going. Read this blog post to understand 7 strategies to engage with customers.

Revitalize Your CPG Brand By Building First-Party Data with QR Codes and NFC

With Google announcing their plan to phase out third-party cookies by 2022 completely, first-party data will be the go-to for brands henceforth. Read this blog post to know how CPG brands can build first-party data.

NFC Latest Trends 2020: 7 NFC Technology Trends to Watch Out for!

Although NFC is widely used in peer-to-peer payment systems and for data transfer, NFC has evolved dramatically over the years. Read this blog post to learn about the latest trends of NFC technology.

QR Code Contrast Checker & More: Product Update

Maximize your QR Code and NFC marketing campaigns with these feature updates.

Beacon Technology Updates 2020: 5 Latest Updates to Watch Out for!

With major players such as Google and Apple kickstarting beacon-based apps in 2020, this year might be the technology comeback for several use-cases ranging from contact tracing, remote ordering, and even to help with indoor navigation.
Read this blog post to read about the latest beacon technology updates.

Geofencing Use-Cases: Where to Use Geofencing in 2020?

While the idea of proximity marketing is not new, the fact that 92% of smartphones are compatible with geofencing has allowed marketers to explore this technology in various industries for broader advertising campaigns. Read this blog post to learn about geofencing use-cases in various industry verticals.

How proximity marketing can revive local tourism in a post-COVID-19 world

Covid-19 has profoundly changed life as we know it, making it difficult for businesses of all sizes to operate normally. Most are feeling a massive pinch as people experience apprehension about leaving their homes. We simply don’t know what our world will look like when this pandemic has passed. In fact, we don’t have any […]

How Commercial Properties Can Still Draw in Customers with Contactless Shopping

Using QR codes to give people a safe experience every step of the way.