BLE Beacon Guide: Beacon Manager app, range, battery life, barriers and more

  • Last Updated: October 11, 2018

Learn how you can get more customers using proximity marketing with beacons

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  • Siva

    Very Good Post,…. Its clarified me so much about iBeacon technology. Thanking you

  • Neha Mallik

    Thanks Siva.Through our blogs and webinars, we try our best to share our knowledge about beacons and iBeacon technology. I am glad you liked it.

  • ladigeektale

    Thank you for this FAQ, I now better understand what Beacons/iBeacons are and how they work.. etc, really clear now 😉
    should you have more details, maybe in french , You can mail me @
    thank you.

    • Neha Mallik

      I am glad you liked the post. If I find any more details I will share it with you via mail. Thanks!

  • Stephanie B

    Thank you for the great FAQ – very helpful! Do you have a network of retailers that merchants can utilize if the merchant does not have its own retail store? For example, we sell photo products online but could use a beacon in a camera shop.

    • Hello Stephanie, we do not have a network of retailers, yet. However, if you’ve partnerships with retailers, you may initiate a conversation and we’ll be happy to help you out.

  • Sneh Pallav

    Thank you for sharing this information. Now that Android Lollipop is out in the market, can you tell us on its beacon support? Does it still drain a lot of battery? Or is it near to the optimal performance offered with iOS?

    • Neha Mallik

      Hi Pallav, as far as I know, the new APIs implemented by Android 5.0 allow background scanning that is much easier on the battery. As for the comparison with iOS, Android 5.0 is closer to parity with iOS.

      • Sneh Pallav

        Another supplementary question. Can the settings for the beacons changed remotely? Or do we have to be in range of the beacon with some app on the phone that will trigger the settings to be changed?
        Also, can you tell me any retailer or business in India that is using this technology.

  • Shannon Gowan

    Hi there,
    I was wondering if the beacons could be used for photo identification? For example in a large crowd with a camera that is taking pictures, would it be able to identify the users that have their bluetooth turned on? thanks for the help!

    • Oneil

      Have you had a chance to do any testing on the dual-frequency bands as yet?

  • Faizan Ali Khan

    I am interested in purchasing the starter kit. Can you please share your email.

  • Leo

    Hi, Thank you for sharing this knowledge. I have one question, ibeacons have so many brand like estimote, seecky, reco, etc. Each brand has their own apps to manager, it’s has possible using one apps to manage different brand of ibeacon?

    • Neha Mallik

      Hi Leo, yes you can make an app work with different brands of beacons, as long as the app detects the beacon signals and responds according to the predetermined actions set in the app.

  • Prakash KS

    BEACONS….Superbly Explained! Thanks!

    • Neha Mallik

      Thanks Prakash, I am glad you liked it!

  • Paresh Vaghela

    Wonderful Content

    • Neha Mallik

      Thanks Paresh!

  • paul rylands

    Hi All. Firstly some great info here. A simple (maybe stupid) question from not very techie person. How easy would it be to simply purchase some basic beacons and start using them with already existing publicly available Apps. The main idea being to simply start to understand what is possible – rather than deliver something specific. Thanks a lot

  • Yousif Rauf

    HI All. I dont understand why the small led is switched on(Beaconstac; Model BLE M1-AA)
    what does it indicate?
    Hope to get some useful answer

  • Shameer Jobanputra

    Hi, so in essence, a phone had to have its bluetooth constantly switched on for it to read beacons? Or once the app is integrated with beacon technology, no use for the blue tooth to be switched on constantly?

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  • Rajat Namdev

    Does a beacon can identify a customer by its UUID?

    • Priyanga

      The app will identify the beacon with the help of the id number which is transmitted by the beacon. This id number will be sent to the cloud server by the application. The server receives the id number and responds to the application according to the action which is assigned to the id number.

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