Wi-Fi vs Bluetooth Low Energy (iBeacon) Technology

  • Last Updated: May 31, 2018

Learn how you can get more customers using proximity marketing with beacons

  • Daddy

    Very intersting article, I am wondering how wifi and ibeacon can be used for augmented reality between two phones !!

  • Jerry

    By using the ESL’s BLE beacon function, Milner reports, stores could also track the movements of shoppers using the app, as well as ascertain how long they remained at a particular location. “The exciting piece is around the analytics and valuable customer insight the BLE-enabled ESL and the retailers app can capture,” he says. The retailers’ analytics software could display an image of the store’s floor plan, with a heat map showing the locations of hot spots (high-traffic areas), based on where the system detected the greatest response from app-using phones, and for how long shoppers remained in those areas.


  • Dave Sonotone

    Good article, however ,combining beacons message capabilities with WIFI tracking is not well explained . Can WIFI sensors works with beacons in an integrative way? I understand that WIFI IDs and beacons IDs are not the same, so the matching between both IDs is not possible. This is a critical aspect for an integrative and robust proximity marketing solution

    There are companies such as Seeketing which has solved this problem. The Seeketing solution seems to be an integrative hard-soft solution providing not only analytics but in-store messaging (proximity marketing) without using an App (beacons).

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  • devangna raj

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