Why Banks are Betting Big on Beacons

Devika Girish

Last Updated:  October 18, 2022

Why Banks are Betting Big on Beacons

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2 responses to “Why Banks are Betting Big on Beacons”

  1. Bfonics Global says:

    Very informative article Devika, Retail Banks are now getting technologically advanced changing the game standards from traditional banking to modern day smart banking by effectively targeting the customers using the ‪#‎Beacontechnology‬. Here is an amazing blog about this technology and how it is benefiting the Banks, To know more Visit: http://www.bfonics.com OR http://bfonics.com/bfonicscms/business/smart-banking-with-the-use-of-ibeacon/

  2. […] tailored, location-based messages and enable tellers to personally greet customers. Banks can also use the beacons to monetize. For example, mobile banking app users can choose to receive offers from certain retail stores and […]

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