Education: The Next Beacon Hotspot

Neha Mallik

Last Updated:  May 22, 2018

Education: The Next Beacon Hotspot

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5 responses to “Education: The Next Beacon Hotspot”

  1. Mike says:

    All great ideas for context in education… I also thought that context, specifically beacons (proximity) and maybe GNSS location could be used to help for campus planning and safety using heat maps generated by users of the school app. Just as heat maps can be generated for business intelligence in retail, I think the same concept can be used for schools (probably more appropriate for schools with larger campuses).

  2. Neha Mallik says:

    That’s a great idea you have mentioned. It makes a lot of sense for large campuses. I am glad you liked the post!

  3. Ash Khanna says:

    How big is iBeacon in India. is there any
    apps currently in use.

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