Creating a Beacon Campaign for your Coffee Shop using Beaconstac

  • Last Updated: May 25, 2020

Learn how you can get more customers using proximity marketing with beacons

  • Kunal Jaggi

    Interesting article, very well written. I get the idea that creatives, rules (with custom attributes) and actions are created in the back end, but how does the app determine if the rules are met? I haven’t seen any code, but I am assuming that once a mobile device gets within a beacon region, some callback will be triggered. So, does the app retrieve rules from the back-end and trigger the Cards to be rendered.

    • Seema

      The Beaconstac SDK provides three distinct services that are needed for the product to work: 1. It acts as a receiver for the beacon’s bluetooth signals; 2. It acts as a transport between the app and the beaconstac back-end; 3. It acts as a rule processor to provide a call back if the rule conditions were met or not.

      It is the last service that provides the true/false logic for rules and what we do when a rule conditions are true may vary from fetching something like a card from the beaconstac back-end, to presenting something locally stored in the app, to simply writing a webhook to connect to your own enterprise/cloud server. All of these different choices are handled through ‘actions’.

      Hope this answers your question. Please see for more details.

  • Fadel AlQassab

    i am so interested in ibeacons but i have very limited programming skills. i am not really sure if i order the kit i will be able to handle the programming side of it. it seems to me that you need an app in first place installed in the device for the ibeacon to work. well, i do not have an app. i am not sure if you could help with that. i am wondering if you have a full package development or deployment where small business like (Yogurt Shop) could benefit from ibeacons.