iBeacon vs NFC vs GPS: Which Indoor Location Technology will your Business Benefit from?

  • Last Updated: January 9, 2019

Learn how you can get more customers using proximity marketing with beacons

  • Lenin

    Good Article

  • Devika Girish

    Glad you found it helpful, Lenin.

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  • Raul De Jesus

    Nice article thanks, very helpful! Is there any reason you left out RFID from this comparison?

  • I think the GPS technology is better as you can access the service from any where from the world i know that in some factors GPS lacks in some conditions so as the NFC also lags but GPS is more reliable than NFC and Garmin provide the best GPS devices for the public and they are more reliable than other brands and you can access more features by updating the Garmin device you can update your Garmin device at Garmin express