RFID vs iBeacon (BLE) Technology

  •   October 20, 2015

Learn how you can get more customers using proximity marketing with beacons

  • yogesh beldi

    Sir it was lucid. I want to do some projects related to RFID and iBecon. I have found a list of projects in one of the blogs. If you have any idea about them. plz let me know.
    I’m sharing link here.

    • when you write related to RFID and iBeacon, the link does not provide
      any think about iBeacon. Secondly iBeacon is not iBecon. Else thanks for posting this link 🙂

  • Praveen

    Sir Its is looking great. i want to complete some projects related to this electronic topic.
    I am sharing link here http://www.mtechprojects.org/

  • Jessica

    You can checkout the difference between RFID vs BLE Beacons guide mentioned on the blog.