Will Beacons Replace RFID?

Devika Girish

Last Updated:  April 6, 2018

Will Beacons Replace RFID?

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4 responses to “Will Beacons Replace RFID?”

  1. Fabien says:

    Do you think beacon can also be used to detect object crossing a line (as rfid) ?

    • Jessica says:

      Yes Fabien, we can set a radius around the bees and when beebeacons has crossed it radius it will give an alert to the bees e.g. If the beacons has crossed the radius it will start alerting that i am moving away, please take necessary action.

  2. Alwin Smith says:

    I agree with what Davika said. From a wider perspective iBeacon technology, GPS, NFC and RFID are all technologies that support proximity services. And while beacons might not entirely replace any of these technologies, there are some scenarios in which it best fror the businesses to combine iBeacon technology with one of the other technologies.

    Alwin – wifi beacon

  3. Jessica says:

    Yes, as per me the Beacons has already started replacing RFID.

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