Beacons vs NFC – Which Payment Technology Should Your Business Use?

  • Last Updated: January 9, 2019

Learn how you can get more customers using proximity marketing with beacons

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  • NFC vs BLE, NFC is loosing support from Android Phones maker

    NFC vs BLE, NFC is loosing support from Android Phones maker
    November 19, 2016
    Keith Lau, Managing Director

    Market Trend of NFC and BLE supported by Android Phones manufacturers

    I am a big a big fan of BLE like Steve Jobs.

    Those bet on NFC will win in the payment market will be said in the market trend.

    Studied conducted on Nov. 18th, 2016, we found on BLE 4.1+ is taking off while NFC is loosing sight in the market trend of Android smart phones especially low cost smart phones with price under US$ 204.

    (source from or )

  • Additional information of near field BLE, 20 seconds youtube

  • Alwin Smith

    “Thanks for useful information and a simple way explaining. It is a nice post. Thank you for sharing yBeacons vs. NFC – Which Payment Technology Should Your Business Use. I want to add some points: Beacons: With beacons, customers respond to messaging that is pushed at them.
    NFC: While the proximity required by NFC can be an advantage, but if potential users never enter the range of the NFC tag, they will miss it entirely.”

    Alwin – Location Based technology

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