How Beacons can Revolutionise Healthcare

  •   December 8, 2015

Learn how you can get more customers using proximity marketing with beacons

  • Dave Sonotone

    I agree with the article, but you dont mention the major problems of ibeacons in many uncontrolled scenarios such as helthcare:

    Less than 1% of visitors meet the three requirements to be detected by iBeacons:

    1 having an app installed,

    2 device to be equipped with Bluetooth 4.0,

    3 Bluetooth be turned on.

    There are other technologies providing proximity marketing, alerts, etc… without using beacons.

    For example, Seeketing nodes are used in airports, shopping center or big retailers to provide analytics and messaging without using an App.

    People interested in ibeacons will like to read more:

  • Calvin


    TAM Battery is a research project powered by a mobile App which allows capture of responses yielded by patients during the course of a series of medical tests. These in-app tests include capture of audio-visual inputs, images in addition to aural, oral and written tests that are designed to comprehensively test the patient.

    Deliverables :

    Mobile App UI / UX and Code Development
    Design and implementation of digital evaluation tests
    Capture and analysis of various patient parametric Scores
    Cloud-based backup and export of complete patient data
    Reports analytics generation
    References :

    Check our link :