iBeacon vs Eddystone: Which one works better for your Pilot Project?

Shubhi Mittal

Last Updated:  February 22, 2021

iBeacon vs Eddystone: Which one works better for your Pilot Project?

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8 responses to “iBeacon vs Eddystone: Which one works better for your Pilot Project?”

  1. David Hurdon says:

    Thank you for an excellent summary of the differences between the iBeacon and Eddystone. Some months ago I bought your starter kit and eventually learned how to edit the URL being broadcast. I receive these broadcasts on the Physical Web app and am looking forward to Google’s Q1 release of a Chrome Android browser which will alert, with a single beep, when a URL broadcast is nearby. Meanwhile I’m attempting to simulate a network such as might be of interest to an independent supermarket operator or a business improvement area. Right now this seems to mean connecting with a service provider to access rule creation tools in the cloud. I admit I’m not entirely clear on this yet. Always looking for more like-minded folk to join the conversation.

  2. Cédric Tang says:

    Hi, thanks for this excellence summary. Could you tell me if with Eddystone, the beacon could awake an app which is downloaded but not on. Thanks in advance for your answer

    • Shubhi Mittal says:

      Thanks Cedric, glad you found it helpful.

      The answer to your question depends on the device you would use with Eddystone. Beacons work with both iPhones and Android phones, but they work differently. In iOS 7 devices, once an app is installed it will “look” for beacons even if an app is shut down or a user has rebooted his/her phone. Thus, these devices can constantly scan for BLE and wake up relevant apps, even if they are closed, when they come within range of a beacon.

      In case of Android devices, using Eddystone, they do not have a beacon system of this type at the operating-system level. Currently, the only way to wake up in response to a beacon in Android is to run a service in the background that continuously listens. Hence, Android apps need to scan for BLE, and so there is more of a battery drain for Android users when beacons scan for apps.

  3. Jessica Lemonnier says:

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