Li-Fi vs iBeacon (BLE) Technology

Shubhi Mittal

Last Updated:  April 6, 2018

Li-Fi vs iBeacon (BLE) Technology

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11 responses to “Li-Fi vs iBeacon (BLE) Technology”

  1. infsoft says:

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  2. br says:

    It mean that the price of LED driver (“this” driver with programming part) minus price of normal led driver will be below $10 ? What about multiple messages at one time ? What about chromatic dispersion ?

  3. Vipin Singh says:

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  4. Rajendra Rao says:

    Nice Article. Very informative too

  5. Joseph M FlandersIII says:

    When explained and researched properly, the developer had mentioned that the LED can be dimmed to such an extent that the light is almost nonexistent. Therefore allowing us to still be connected to the source and yet produce a signal, albeit at lower transfers speeds i’d imagine. But all in all I love reading new and exciting technology reviews. It’s amazing what the people in this world are doing and what they can do.

  6. Aaron Lawrence says:

    Are you saying that regular smartphones include a light sensor capable of receiving high-speed digital data modulated on top of the illumination? That seems like a bold claim!

    • Michael Ch says:

      I think he means to use the camera on the phone.

      • Aaron Lawrence says:

        That doesn’t help. Cameras could read data at a max of the framerate they support, e.g. 60fps.In other words they could perhaps support 30 bits per second, although in reality it would need some kind of carrier so it would be even lower than that.

        I think this article is talking about future smartphones which have a new receiver. In other words Lifi proponents have to convince cellphone manufacturers to add a new lifi-capable photosensor to their phones. It’s not impossible but its years away if it happens at all.

  7. Michael Ch says:

    Thanks for the informative article.
    Can the light bulbs be made with IR LEDs inserted into them, and thus to transmit when the light is “very dimmed” and can the IR transmit at similar speed? Any other pros/cons on the IR?

  8. Mar Joe says:

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