25 Retailers Nailing it with their Proximity Marketing Campaigns

  • Doru Șupeală

    Thank you for positioning our Carrefour project on top in this excellent article. For thos who want to better understand the Carrefour deployment, here is a short presentation: http://www.slideshare.net/OnyxBeacon/carrefour-smart-shopping-powered-by-onyx-beacon-2015

  • TroyCarlson

    If you’d like to harness the power of beacons within your home, check out Beacon Action:


  • Alwin Smith

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  • swami

    Hi, i am keen in knowing the source of all these tests and pilots – because I have difficulty in validating some of these. For example, I am unable to even find an app for Lord & Taylor and wondering how are they testing something out with beacons? i have never heard about walmart or bestbuy doing anything with beacons yet. appreciate more details.

    • Kandy Schendel

      http://www.bringmorecustomers.com might give you more answers.

    • James Green

      I think its worth noting that the clients or potential clients don’t necessarily need to down load an app to get some of the proximity data.
      My company has used it for a auto showroom in order to see the popularity of the cars in the showroom without the need for a separate app.
      While it is best to engage via the app you can still get a great deal of valuable proximity data from the beacon technology.

  • Omar Payan

    Advertise your product, page, store, listing, music, video, or any other media to every android and ios phone that comes within 200 yards of these marketing beacons!!!

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