Retail Analytics for Malls: 5 Key Metrics that can help Increase Customer Engagement

  •   March 17, 2016

Learn how you can get more customers using proximity marketing with beacons

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  • Yogesh Huja

    Mall developers are having a tough time & so the retailers. Yes, you ask a retailer about how is your footfall & he will surely answer you no matter how busy he is. Also the answer in large number of cases will be a negative. Reason could be urge to grow or seriously an issue in sales.

    Retailers need to get ready for the Phygital Age. What exactly is Phygital? Is it a way to increase footfall at your store? While the question stands quite tough for traditional retailers to increase footfall at the same time some online giants making the move to physical retail. Have they cracked the art of finding customers, or do they already know it?

    I did a connect with over 1000’s of retailers across many countries to understand their view point & what are they doing to address this big question in retail.

    Read this book that answers these questions and many more. Find out the role of technology in bringing retail back to stores that were loved by customers a few decades ago.

    Find out what customers really come to buy at stores.