Beacons or Geofencing or Both? 3 Brands Killing it with this Lethal Combination

  •   April 5, 2016

Learn how you can get more customers using proximity marketing with beacons

  • Lucia Schö

    Or both? I guess the combination of different location identifier helps to be flexible for all the different use cases. See here more:

  • Bill McLaughlin

    Well done Devika. Thanks for mentioning Elle’s powered by ShopAdvisor campaign

  • We see the same thing. Beacons and geofencing definitely complement, and could access the same (or related) content. We also see digital signage and beacons as a great opportunity. On top of that we also provide access via NFC tags, QR codes, SMS etc.

  • Regan George

    Geo-fencing doesn’t require an app!

    • How do you in a B2C scenario configure geofences in a phone without an app? Link is enough. Thanks in advance.