5 Ways Google Nearby is about to Disrupt Proximity Marketing

  • Last Updated: February 21, 2019

Learn how you can get more customers using proximity marketing with beacons

  • Great article Devika!
    I wonder if you have any references to documentation or something else that backs the claim “Now, you probably already know that since Android 6, any Android mobile device is allowed to scan for beacons even when Bluetooth is OFF”?

    I’ve been looking for confirmation for this, and this post is the only one so far.

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  • FrontDeskHelpers Co

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    Today the average person prefers to spend its time perusing the menu (68% of visitors) or the restaurant’s interior (21%) while waiting for the meal. But still, according to statistics, almost 80% of customers will use mobile phones or spend time on the Internet. 8 out of 10 visitors already saw what we are going to broadcast.
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