Why Retail Giants in India should invest in Wi-Fi Marketing

  •   July 7, 2016

Learn how you can get more customers using proximity marketing with beacons

  • Richard

    Worth noting that Veeqo have released the first inventory management app as well. So using wi-fi, warehouse staff can use their camera phone to scan in products and the stock is update in real-time: http://www.veeqo.com/features/inventory

  • Yesei Perez

    Please, forget Apps in retail enviroment if they offer Wifi to the customers, Seeketing nodes provides beacon functionallity with or with out App. They works with web and messages too. Take a look: http://www.seeketing.com

  • Alwin Smith

    Great Article!! You have done an outstanding work by posting such beneficial information about Why Retail Giants in India should invest in Wi-Fi Marketing.
    Alwin Amith

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