7 Ways Beacons are Disrupting the OOH Advertising Space

  • Last Updated: May 7, 2018

Learn how you can get more customers using proximity marketing with beacons

  • Dave Sonotone

    The problem with brands Apps is that nobody use it. This is why beacons may be very limited to reach wide audience in outdoor spots such as digital signage , etc… The point here is if WIFI sensors may be used in this context instead of beacons, to detect people around. I do not know if WIFI sensors can send push notifications but this may be the right approach in my opinion.

    There are companies such as Seeketing which use WIFI sensors in outdoor spots but I am not sure how this solution really works. They can send mobile messages without using Apps, which is great. I am looking for a proximity solution not limited to beacons. Do you know if WIFI sensors like that of Seeketing can send messaging without an App installed?

  • Alex So

    Receiving messages upon detection would be disturbing, just like those welcome messages upon arriving airports.

    The up side of beacons / apps is the freedom of whether or when will be engaged. The awareness / willingness of using the apps can be realised through user experience (e.g. the coach case) and apps feature (e.g. gamification).

  • FrontDeskHelpers

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  • SP Calicut

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