Physical Web: 3 Interesting Projects that Your Business can Learn From

Devika Girish

Last Updated:  April 3, 2018

Physical Web: 3 Interesting Projects that Your Business can Learn From

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6 responses to “Physical Web: 3 Interesting Projects that Your Business can Learn From”

  1. Gabrielius Sadukas says:

    Hi Devika,

    Thanks for the great article, however what is the logic for Waze to use physical web beacons? Given that beacons interact with their app in order to navigate in tunnels, couldn’t they just use regular beacons?


  2. Scott Shaffer (Dcityallstar) says:

    I am in Nashville and drive Uber where there is a lot of tourism. I have installed a beacon app on my phone so that when I pick up tourist that have never been here before it will send them a link to my Facebook page with helpful tourist information.

    • Doug Endel says:

      Scott, I see you posted this a couple of months ago. I would really love to hear if you are still using this and how it is going for you? I have a couple ideas that I’m looking at.

      • Scott Shaffer (Dcityallstar) says:

        I have not been driving for Uber lately so I really have no practical reason to use this technology at the moment. But when I was using it, it worked great. twitter @dcityallstar if you would like to get ahold of me to discuss anything. Id love to hear your ideas. Ever since I learned of the tech I have been extremely excited about it with no one around me in my circles that understood the implications of how it could be used.

  3. FrontDeskHelpers says:

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