How to run a proximity marketing campaign without an app

  • Last Updated: June 18, 2019

Learn how you can get more customers using proximity marketing with beacons

  • Yes, this is a problem of our time. Large chains of stores crowd out small shops and restaurants. It is more difficult for them to compete in the information environment. Sometimes it seems to me that such small places will soon not remain.

    • Monika Adarsh

      Hey David,
      I think in spite of the competition from big retailers, small shops still have a plenty of room in the market. Small businesses such as local coffee shops, boutiques, preferred chiropractor or local pet shop, make up about 3/4th of the US business – which is HUGE. The challenge however with small businesses is to use technology to bridge offline and online. But given how affordable and easy to use beacon technology is, the game is really changing for small businesses.
      You might find this ebook (Small business proximity marketing with beacons) pretty interesting –

  • Deon Visser

    You cannot run proximity marketing campaign on IOS devices without an App. You unfortunately still need to download an app that can scan beacons. So in markets where IOS devices are prominent, your reach is limited. Only Eddystone Beacons can push URLs to Android without the need for an App, as google has now built Nearby into its OS that enables this type of functionality.

    • Monika Adarsh

      Yes, unfortunately that is the truth for now. However according to various surveys, most consumers have at least one app on their smartphones for receiving promotions and offers. Having said that a lot of our customers have been successful in getting their users to download Nearbee –

    • Burak Ozkosem

      Not completely correct info that iOS doesn’t allow proximity marketing. There are few service providers offering this easily, and the platforms are universal (iOS& android)

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