Beaconstac as an Onyx Beacon alternative

Monika Adarsh

Last Updated:  December 22, 2022

Beaconstac as an Onyx Beacon alternative

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2 responses to “Beaconstac as an Onyx Beacon alternative”

  1. Susann Wnu says:

    hello, thanx for your blog for using alternatives beacons. But is it possible to use existing beacons from onyx with admin tools like app or website from beaconstac? If yes, hwat do i have to do?

    • Sneh Ratna Choudhary says:

      Hi, please check out our blog ‘Google Nearby to NearBee: How to make the transition’ This will give you all the details you require to use other beacons with our product. In case, you have any issues please get in touch with our support team.

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