How is beacon technology reshaping eCommerce?

Pavithra Ravindran

Last Updated:  May 4, 2018

How is beacon technology reshaping eCommerce?

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7 responses to “How is beacon technology reshaping eCommerce?”

  1. […] Beacon technology has revealed that it can be beneficial to a variety of businesses. Beacon can help eCommerce businesses cut through competition with localization. Being able to market to select people in specific high-traffic areas could give eCommerce companies a serious advantage. This technology gives businesses the ability to directly target potential customers in various locations. A business with no physical presence can locate their beacons in physical structures such as malls to ping out offers to potential buyers. For businesses with both an online and physical presence, companies can use location-based marketing to direct customers to online products that may not be readily available in their stores. This could be especially helpful during peak seasons like Black Friday and Christmas (source). […]

  2. Rachana006 says:

    Nice post. Beacon technology have made its own impact on almost every industry.

  3. Great post! Beacons drive retail sales, at the same time, providing a personalized mobile shopping experience.

  4. […] equipped with Bluetooth Low Energy or BLE technology.  Many smartphones and tablets can work with beacon technology to deliver or receive wireless, proximity-based, contextually appropriate […]

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