Retail Marketing: 4 ways to boost impact of digital signage using beacons

  • Last Updated: September 6, 2018

Learn how you can get more customers using proximity marketing with beacons

  • Ali Hanif

    Hey Author! Can you please tell more about your # 2 point:
    “Detect when a customer picks a product and display information about that product”.

    I am looking into this.

    • Sneh Ratna Choudhary

      Hi Ali,
      Scala provides retailers with several digital signage options. Lift and Learn is the name of this particular technology. The products have RFID attached to them and that’s how the Connected systems know that a certain product has been picked up and the LCD screen shows the features of the product. When two products are picked up at once, a comparison is shown on the LCD screen.

      In case of products that have screens like smartphones or tablets. you will also be able to see the features once you pick up the product.

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