QR Code Menu: Make Restaurant Menu QR Codes for Safe Dining in 2022

Thinking of how to set up a safe and contactless restaurant ordering system? Enter QR Code menus. Explore this comprehensive guide on creating QR Code menus with some helpful restaurant hacks and ways to bring back customers!

Monika Adarsh

Last Updated:  November 17, 2023

Get started with a QR Code menu solution for your restaurant

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9 responses to “QR Code Menu: Make Restaurant Menu QR Codes for Safe Dining in 2022”

  1. gamefic says:

    this is great stuff.. I like the ability to insert logo in the Qr center. Currently I am using dev.e-menu.co , which is great for managing the menu on the fly, but doesn;t have a logo embedded.

  2. Venkatesh P says:

    QR Code menus are here to stay. The question however is how quickly companies like yours innovate and help build a seamless experience for guests.

  3. Raghu says:

    Good job on putting together inspirations and examples for restaurants to replicate. QR Code menu is an important step towards making restaurants safe.

  4. Shardwali Singh says:

    Great Read Monika! I used to find paper menu not so hygienic even before Covid but post Covid I would definitely like to have options of QR code menu.

    • I agree. The pandemic has recalibrated consumer habits in ways we never imagined. Not just QR Code menus, but a lot of other contactless solutions are on the rise. And from what we gather, this is NOT a temporary shift. Hygiene and safety as a value additions are permanent shifts.

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