QR Codes for your Google Forms

Collect Form responses from offline touchpoints - with just a scan.

There are two ways to get a Forms QR code.

Editable Google

Add a QR Code to a Google Form URL.

Editable Beaconstac

Create a smart form and link it to a Dynamic QR Code.

Edit later

Track scans

Enable GPS

Do you want to set logic jumps in your forms?


Create custom-branded landing pages/link-in-bios

for your Google Reviews with a no-code editor

  • Lead Capture

  • Customer feedback Survey

  • grand_opening_invitation_form

    Grand Opening Invitation

  • get_in_touch_form

    Get In Touch

  • event_feedback_form

    Event Feedback

  • Employee Evaluation Form

    Employee Evaluation

  • clinics

    [Covid-19] Clinics and Hospitals

  • Create New

With Beaconstac's QR Code Forms, you get

  • Logic jumps

  • Multi-language support

  • Dynamic QR code

Enter email address to manage your form and set up a dynamic QR Code.

Create custom-branded landing pages/link-in-bios

for your Google Reviews with a no-code editor

Trusted by brands you


Trusted by brands you


Where can you use a Google Forms QR Code?

Google Forms QR codes have multiple use-cases across a wide range of industries.

Google Form QR
  • Lead generation

    Drive prospects from print materials to digital forms using QR codes.
  • Tracking attendance

    Deploy a Google Form QR Code to let students or employees mark themselves present with a scan.
  • Creating tests and quizzes

    Enhance the learning experience in classrooms by digitizing tests with a Google Form and linking them to a QR Code.
  • Collecting feedback

    Put a Google Form QR Code on the product packaging or on receipts to let consumers share their feedback about your product.
  • Deploying surveys and polls

    Increase response rate by using QR codes for survey forms.
  • Event registration

    Help attendees register for events by adding a registration form QR Code to your upcoming event’s marketing materials.
  • Asset and inventory tracking

    Make it easy for your warehouse staff to track assets on the move with the forms QR Code.

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Do more with your Google Forms QR Code

Google Forms QR Code


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Google Forms QR Code

Get multi-useraccess

Add multiple users, configure teams, and assign relevant QR Codes to them.

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Google Forms QR Code

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Tip: Use 1 platform for both Forms & QR Code

Beaconstac has its own QR Code based form generator that can help you create attractive, editable forms while linking them to dynamic QR Codes.


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How to Make a QR Code for a Google Form: The All-In-One Guide

Streamline feedback collection and lead generation data from physical and digital channels using a QR Code generator for a Google Form. Explore this guide to learn more.

Shweta Menon

Last Updated:  March 28, 2023

How to Make a QR Code for a Google Form: The All-In-One Guide

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