Gearing Up for Safe Reopening of Schools and Universities with Contactless Solutions

Contactless Solutions for Schools and Universities

With many schools and universities slated to reopen in the fall-term, getting back to normal will take time. Moving to contactless solutions and touchless access controls may not solve hardships, but these are important tools that will establish safe environments for students and the staff.

Adapting Contactless Solutions for Safe Reopening of Hotels Post-COVID

Contactless Solutions for Hotels

Major brands such as Hilton and Marriott are turning to no-touch operations with electrostatic sprayers, sealed hotel rooms, mobile check-in, and contactless ordering. When building a reopening strategy, it is important to opt for contactless solutions for hotels to make guests feel clean, safe, and comfortable.

Contactless Visitor Form Templates | Beaconstac Product Update

Contactless visitor form template to fight COVID-19

Create contactless visitor form to filter visitors and to keep establishments and businesses safe using Beaconstac‘s COVID-19 templates.

How Will the Pandemic Propel the Adoption of NFC in a Post-COVID World?

As the world continues to sail through uncertainty in the newly adopted world, businesses are faced with many challenges – shifting business hours, fluctuating supply chains, and protecting their employees – all while ensuring that the public health is a priority whilst taking these decisions.
Contactless solutions will be the new future in a post-pandemic world. Contactless technologies such as NFC tags and QR Codes are on the rise and will continue to be in existence since it promotes zero-touch.

NFC for Luxury Brand Strategy: Fight Counterfeit and Market Effectively

NFC for luxury brands

The global counterfeit market is slowly growing to be hazardous accounting for $1.2 trillion globally.

Luxury brands especially fall prey to it.

NFC is a pathway that gives brands more ways to strengthen the brand, streamline operations, and connect with customers to increase revenue and protect the brand.

Frame QR Code: How to Use it to Increase Customer Engagement

A number of popular brands such as JC Penney, McDonalds, and Tag Heuer have witnessed a spike in customer engagement by adding appropriate CTAs to their QR Code campaigns.

How do frame QR Codes help?

Contactless Payment + Contactless Marketing: Why is it Important to Switch?

Contactless payment and contactless solutions are now on the surge considering the advantages it has over traditional methods.

Given the time that we are in right now, contactless payment and contactless marketing such as delivery, access into buildings/institutions, and sharing information is largely beneficial.

QR Codes for Hotels: How to Implement it for Better Customer Journeys

The hospitality and tourism industry has evolved in leaps and bounds over the last couple of years by including the latest technology to stay abreast of the latest trends.

QR Codes, on the other hand, are not as expensive as other technologies but deliver an equally fulfilling experience.

QR Codes are easy to troubleshoot, affordable, edit, trackable, and can even be used for retargeting.

QR Codes in Construction: How Do They Help?

The construction industry presents various difficulties and contingencies, usually associated with procurement of documents, drawings, assets, and safety protocols to be followed.

To tackle these challenging issues, using QR Codes in construction helps.

4 Ways to Boost Mobile Marketing for Real Estate

A number of realtors of all sizes have already leveraged the technology of QR Codes, beacons, NFC tags, and geofencing in real estate such as Coldwell Banker, RE/Max, and JLL amongst others as their mobile marketing strategy. These real estate companies have not only tasted immense success but, also, achieved a high ROI with customer retention.