How to Add QR Code API to your App: A Quick Guideline


Learn how to integrate QR Code API to your app in detail without complex troubleshooting and why adding a QR Code API is beneficial.

QR Codes for Museums: Improve Visitor Experience

QR Codes for Museums

QR Codes for museums can be used to share interesting facts about an art piece, minimize waiting time, and more. Read this blog post to learn 7 interesting ways QR Codes can help museums improve visitor experience!

Audio QR Code: Convert and Share Any MP3 in a Flash!

Audio QR Code

Learn all about audio QR Codes and how to convert any audio into a QR Code in this blog post.

QR Code Generator for Teachers: Make Learning Fun and Automate Work!

QR Code generator for teachers

Learn how to use QR Codes for teachers to make learning fun, help students, and automate school work in this blog post.

Vaccination QR Codes: Digital Passports, Vials, and Certificates to Kickstart the Vaccination Drive

Vaccination QR Codes

With the COVID-19 vaccination being rolled out across the globe, governments and establishments are assigning vaccination QR Codes for passports, certificates, and more. Read this blog post to know how various countries are using vaccination QR Codes and why they are the right fit!

QR Codes for Gyms and Fitness Products: Jump On the Digital Bandwagon!

QR Codes for gyms and fitness products

QR Codes for gyms and fitness products have remodeled the way gyms function in heaps. Learn 7 compelling applications of QR Codes for fitness products and gyms in this blog post!

QR Codes for Churches: Pray, Donate, and Worship With a Quick Scan

QR Codes for churches

The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic has altered the way churches function. Virtual tools and technologies such as QR Codes have helped devotees and churches tremendously. Read this blog post to learn about six interesting use-cases of QR Codes for churches!

QR Code Asset Management: Streamline Your Process With a Single Scan!

QR Codes for asset management

Learn how to create QR Codes for asset management and tracking to streamline process with a quick scan!

WiFi QR Code: Scan QR Code to Connect To Any WiFi Network Instantly

WiFi QR Codes

Learn how to scan a WiFi QR Code from a smartphone or tablet to connect to a WiFi network to access the internet in this blog post.

QR Codes for Webinars: Set Up Interactive Sessions in a Jiffy!

QR Codes for webinars

Learn how to create QR Codes for webinars and why QR Codes are the perfect tool for webinars in this blog post.