Contactless Payment + Contactless Marketing: Why is it Important to Switch?

Contactless payment and contactless solutions are now on the surge considering the advantages it has over traditional methods.

Given the time that we are in right now, contactless payment and contactless marketing such as delivery, access into buildings/institutions, and sharing information is largely beneficial.

QR Codes for Hotels: How to Implement it for Better Customer Journeys

The hospitality and tourism industry has evolved in leaps and bounds over the last couple of years by including the latest technology to stay abreast of the latest trends.

QR Codes, on the other hand, are not as expensive as other technologies but deliver an equally fulfilling experience.

QR Codes are easy to troubleshoot, affordable, edit, trackable, and can even be used for retargeting.

QR Codes in Construction: How Do They Help?

The construction industry presents various difficulties and contingencies, usually associated with procurement of documents, drawings, assets, and safety protocols to be followed.

To tackle these challenging issues, using QR Codes in construction helps.

4 Ways to Boost Mobile Marketing for Real Estate

A number of realtors of all sizes have already leveraged the technology of QR Codes, beacons, NFC tags, and geofencing in real estate such as Coldwell Banker, RE/Max, and JLL amongst others as their mobile marketing strategy. These real estate companies have not only tasted immense success but, also, achieved a high ROI with customer retention.

iPhone QR Code Scanner: How to scan a QR Code on my iPhone

With the iPhone stealth update in its iOS 11, users do not have to download third-party apps to scan QR Codes or juggle with too many apps.

QR Codes for Smart Packaging: the Future of Packaging

QR Codes for Smart Packaging

QR Codes for product labels and product packaging can benefit everyone involved throughout the purchase lifecycle.

QR Codes for smart packaging that could warn of any impurities in the product, product tampering, and counterfeit would be especially beneficial given the rise of eCommerce.

QR Codes for Loyalty Programs: The Power of Rewards

80% of customers say they are much more likely to purchase products from a brand that offers them rewards, and twice as likely to recommend to others.

With the steady rise of QR Codes, brands and businesses are opting for QR Code-based loyalty programs.

QR Codes add a high value of ROI, increase customer retention, and is flexible to use.

QR Codes in Healthcare: Why it Makes a Difference

QR Codes in healthcare has drastically improved the way hospitals run.

A number of hospitals have already leveraged the technology of QR Codes and it has proven to be highly beneficial.

QR Codes in healthcare are used for patient tracking, drug safety, and many other use-cases.

How to Use the QR Code Generator Extension for Chrome

Although QR Codes can be generated in abundance via a QR Code generator, having an extension for Chrome just to share websites have solved a number of problems amongst people.

QR Code generator extension for Chrome serves as a powerful tool to share websites on any medium.

50 FAQs on QR Codes and QR Code Generator

QR Codes are ubiquitous. Every industry vertical has a need and requirement for the usage of QR Codes.

In this blog post, we address all the questions regarding QR Codes to answer all your queries.