NFC Latest Trends 2021: 7 NFC Technology Trends to Watch Out for!

Although NFC is widely used in peer-to-peer payment systems and for data transfer, NFC has evolved dramatically over the years. Read this blog post to learn about the latest trends of NFC technology.

Beacon Technology Updates 2021: 5 Latest Updates to Watch Out for!

With major players such as Google and Apple kickstarting beacon-based apps in 2020, this year might be the technology comeback for several use-cases ranging from contact tracing, remote ordering, and even to help with indoor navigation.
Read this blog post to read about the latest beacon technology updates.

Geofencing Use-Cases: Where to Use Geofencing in 2021?

While the idea of proximity marketing is not new, the fact that 92% of smartphones are compatible with geofencing has allowed marketers to explore this technology in various industries for broader advertising campaigns. Read this blog post to learn about geofencing use-cases in various industry verticals.

QR Codes for Virtual Tours: Increase Conversion and Showcase Your Business With a Scan

Learn how to set up QR Codes for virtual tours and how to adapt them for various industry verticals in this blog post.

How Can CPG Brands Establish a DTC eCommerce Channel?

Direct-to-consumer marketing helps CPG brands differentiate themselves from competitors and understand their consumers better. Explore this insightful guide on how CPG brands can build a DTC eCommerce channel successfully.

Contactless Events: 6 Ways Events Can Make a Comeback With Contactless Solutions

Contactless events

As marketers are grappling with the ongoing crisis of the pandemic, there is also a considerable amount of apprehension about the future of events. As most states are slated to reopen, the second half of the year looks promising since contactless events have become a mandate going forward.
Contactless events with socially aware rules and regulations will be the way of going forward to ensure optimal safety. In the post-COVID era, only those will succeed who can make their audience feel safe.

WhatsApp QR Code: How to Create a Custom QR Code for WhatsApp

Find out how to create a custom QR Code using a WhatsApp QR Code generator. Add contacts in a jiffy, start a conversation with anyone instantly, and help customers talk to your business seamlessly with a single scan.

Digital Wayfinding for Hospitals: Save Time and Improve Accessibility With Beacons

Digital wayfinding for hospitals with beacons

Digital wayfinding with beacons can significantly enhance a patient’s hospital visit and ease their burden with intuitive and straightforward navigation. Beacons for wayfinding in hospitals make it easier for patients and visitors to navigate through the hospital maze. Given the fact that a majority of visitors today are on their smartphones, beacon wayfinding ensures people don’t get lost within the hospital.

QR Codes for Inventory Management: Manage and Maximize Efficiency

QR Codes for inventory management

Fast. Seamless. Easy troubleshooting. QR Codes for inventory management help maximize efficiency, enhance processes, and track assets in real-time. Explore this guide to learn more.

QR Codes for Election Campaigns: How Can They Be Used?

QR Codes for election campaigns

An election campaign constitutes a myriad of operations – field organizing, collecting voter data, targeting voters, understanding the political landscape, and campaign marketing to name a few.

Luckily, technologies such as QR Codes for election campaigns can help campaign organizers ease and automate their process to maximize their outreach.

Read this blog post to learn how QR Codes can be used in election campaigns.