How To Set Up Free QR Code Tracking

Discover how to track your QR Codes for free with Beaconstac. Access detailed QR Code analytics and optimize your campaigns in real time.

How to Use QR Code for Event Tracking—the Ultimate Guide

QR Code event tracking

Learn how QR Code tracking can be used to measure event success. Track engagement, attendance, and more to derive better event insights.

How To Edit a QR Code? [No Reprinting Required]

How to edit QR Codes?

Create editable QR Codes with Beaconstac and modify them on the go. Save on re-printing costs, run dynamic campaigns, and engage users effectively.

How To Compile All Your Links in One Place & Share with Ease?

How to compile all your links in one place?

Simplify the process of sharing multiple links with your customers by creating a Linkpage that compiles all your links in one convenient location.

The Simplest Way to Make a Landing Page Without a Website

How to create a landing page without a website

Establishing a digital presence is crucial for any business trying to reach a wider audience. However, if you’re just starting out and don’t have a website yet, discover how to build a standalone landing page that promotes your brand, captures leads & boosts conversions.

How To Combine Multiple Links into One—the Easy Way

How to combine all your links into one?

As you expand your digital footprint, the number of links you create and share starts piling up. Managing and individually sharing all the links with your customers can get overwhelming. Learn how to simplify the link-sharing process by consolidating all your links into one.

Distributing & Promoting Digital Business Cards (+5 Effective Tips That Work)

The best ways to promote and distribute your digital business cards

Creating a professional and attractive digital business card is the first step in your networking journey. Effectively distributing and promoting your card is equally crucial. Find out the best card distribution ways to make sure your card maximizes your networking potential.

The Simplest Guide on How Digital Business Cards Work

How do digital business cards work?

Digital business cards are rapidly replacing their traditional counterparts. If you are curious about how they work, read this blog post for an easy-to-understand overview of how digital business cards are created, shared, and received.

What Is the Difference Between Free vs. Paid QR Code Generators?

Beaconstac vs. QR Code Monkey

Finding yourself in a dilemma between free and paid QR Code generators? This article compares both options, helping you choose the best QR Code generator for your business.