Security at Beaconstac: We’re now SOC 2® certified!

Beaconstac is SOC 2 compliant

Beaconstac becomes the first QR Code platform on the planet to be SOC 2® Type 1 certified! As you march towards building and scaling up a connected physical and digital world, it’s important for us that your brand and audiences are always interacting in a safe environment. What does SOC 2® certified mean? How did […]

How to make a sizzling QR Code for a restaurant menu

QR Code menu experience

In the wake of the pandemic, a restaurant is much more than just delicacies. And safe dining is at the top of the list. Let’s face it, diners are not willing to touch any surface that might be exposed to the virus due to multiple hand exchanges. This is why restaurants are picking QR Codes […]

Reimagining consumer-good (CPG) brands in post-COVID times

Almost 20 years ago, when SARS infected 8,000 people in China, it helped catapult Alibaba Group into a global online retail giant

Today, with 4.18 million people affected with COVID-19 worldwide, forward-thinking CPG brands are preparing to flip the switch and go contactless

Restaurants in the post-COVID world: QR Code menus + other actionable strategies to reopen


While restaurants are eager to formulate a robust post-crisis plan, the evolving consumer behavior makes this hard to do. In this blog post, I talk about the expected change in consumer behavior and how restaurants can adapt to keep their doors open post-lockdown.

Multi-lingual QR Codes – redirect based on the smartphone’s language settings

Explore how to use multi-lingual QR Codes to communicate with your global audience and connect the physical and digital worlds.

Upgrade your QR Codes into a powerful & integrated marketing channel

Offline and online experiences are not meant to be in silos – definitely not in 2021. In an attempt to bridge the gap, brands have already added QR codes to their offline presence – on product, packaging or marketing material.  However, in our conversations with FMCG, CBD and CPG brands, we realized that 80% of […]

QR codes on CBD packaging and labeling: Meeting state requirements and the key to legalization

QR codes on CBD labeling

Find out how you can create QR Codes to display CoA, ask for user feedback, analyze scan insights.
Bonus: Get access to the best QR Code generator for CBD companies.

Dynamic QR Code generator – Easy. Quick. Secure

Best Dynamic QR code generator

What are dynamic QR Codes? How can you use them?

Ahead of the curve? Try Beaconstac’s dynamic QR Code generator, free! 👇

Improve QR Code campaign performance + Benchmarks

Improve QR Code performance

Make your QR Codes work smarter! Generate positive ROI with QR Code campaigns. Compare the current QR performance with industry benchmarks and understand how to improve them.

QR Code Menu 101: Make Restaurant Menu QR Codes for Safe Dining in 2021

QR Code Strategy for Restaurants

Thinking of how to set up a safe and contactless restaurant ordering system? Enter QR Code menus. Explore this comprehensive guide on creating QR Code menus with some helpful restaurant hacks and ways to bring back customers!