How can small businesses promote NearBee for proximity marketing?

How to promote local NearBee app to local consumers

With Google discontinuing support for Nearby Notifications, the way ahead for proximity marketing is to have an app. In our attempt to step up the beacon game, we introduced NearBee for Android and iOS. This hardware agnostic app scans and detects all beacon notifications at physical locations. The obvious question most proximity marketing enthusiasts are […]

Google just killed Android Nearby Notifications. What’s next for proximity marketing using beacons?

NearBee for beacon notification

On October 25th, 2018, Google announced that Android will discontinue support for Nearby Notifications from December 6th, 2018, citing misuse of the service resulting in irrelevant and spammy marketing messages being delivered as notifications on Android phones. It is unfortunate that Google chose to entirely shutter the service instead of working on improving the end-user […]

Introducing USB beacon: Designed for plug-and-play proximity marketing solutions

USB beacon | Beaconstac

Even the best-in-class Bluetooth beacons operate with batteries that eventually run out, requiring effort to replace them. In some cases, these beacons could be spread out over an entire nation, and the physical distances involved can be prohibitive. And that could be a deal killer for the entire proximity marketing project. To overcome the battery […]

Beacons for banks: Banks to re-evaluate marketing strategies for millennials

Beacons in banks

As millennials are projected to surpass baby boomers as the largest generation, they are already dictating the landscape of financial services. Unfortunately, millennials carry the reputation of disliking the practices of big banks. According to a study, 73% of the millennials would instead opt for an offering in financial services from millennial-friendly brands like Google, […]

Tommy Hilfiger launches a new range of Bluetooth Smart-Chip clothing

Tommy Hilfiger Has Launched a Line of Bluetooth Smart-Chip Clothing

The fashion powerhouse, Tommy Hilfiger has launched a new line of clothing implanted with smart Bluetooth chips that link to a mobile brand app, and allow wearers to earn rewards points as they move among different locations. How does this work? Each item under the Xplore collection has an embedded Awear Solutions’ Bluetooth low energy smart tag.  […]

Healthcare technology: 9 ways BLE beacons are transforming healthcare in 2018

Healthcare technology: 9 ways BLE beacons are transforming Healthcare in 2018

Healthcare technology: Bluetooth technology, such as BLE beacons provides healthcare sector with marketing solutions, ways to enhance patient satisfaction and boost hospital efficiency According to the New York Times, more than $3 trillion is being spent annually on healthcare in the United States. It is therefore obvious why some of the biggest names are making […]

Gym marketing with beacons: 5 ways to improve your gym member retention strategy

BLE Beacon technology in gyms

Gym marketing coupled with technology such as Bluetooth beacons makes everyday interactions at the gym more enjoyable, engaging and efficient. In the United States, around 45 million adults, i.e., 14% of the population, have a gym membership. However, 80% of the people quit the gym within 5 months. Given the behavior, Planet Fitness, one of […]

Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) beacon technology made simple: A complete guide to Bluetooth Low Energy Beacons

BLE made simple: A complete guide to BLE, Bluetooth & beacons

About BLE BUY BEACONS SCHEDULE DEMO What is BLE? What does it stand for? BLE stands for Bluetooth Low Energy (Bluetooth LE, and marketed as Bluetooth Smart). Bluetooth Low Energy is a form of wireless communication designed especially for short-range communication.  BLE is very similar to Wi-Fi in the sense that it allows devices to […]

Beaconstac updates policies to become GDPR compliant

Beaconstac updates policies to become GDPR compliant

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) overview GDPR is a European Union (EU) privacy law that impacts businesses around the world. This law regulates how companies use personal data of users located in the European Union. If a business collects, transmits, modifies or stores any personal data of EU citizens, they need to comply with GDPR. […]

How to choose the best proximity marketing company for your business

Comparison of Proximity marketing companies

Even with retail apocalypse making headlines for the last couple of years, tech-savvy businessmen have found ways to compete with online giants like Amazon. According to a report from The New York Times, just 8.9 per cent of the retail sales in the United States last year were made online – which includes Amazon. Presented […]