Transparent QR Codes: Easy to Create and Merge With Design Collaterals

Make design engaging and attractive with transparent QR Codes

Leverage transparent QR Codes that perfectly blend into every design. Increase brand awareness, attract customers, and boost conversions.

Improve Customer Experience & Boost Revenue with QR Codes for Check-in

Use QR Codes for easy and hassle-free check-ins

Long wait times can negatively impact your customers experience. Use QR Code for check-in to cut long queues at hotels, events and offices. Read on to learn the advantages of using a check-in QR Code.

QR Code for Non-Profits: How to Enhance Impact and Raise More Funds

QR Code for non-profits and fundraising

Share information about your cause and increase impact with QR Codes for non-profits. Explore how your NGO can use QR Codes for events, fundraising, donations and more.