Round Up: Beacon Primer Webinar Series

Given the attention beacons have been gathering these days, it can safely be said that these tiny devices are bridging the online and offline worlds like no other technical advancement has, till date. Businesses spanning across various industry verticals have stood up and taken notice of iBeacon technology and are increasingly adopting it. Museums, hotels, […]

Beaconstac Update: Improved Card Creatives & Advanced Analytics

Beaconstac Update: Improved Card Creatives & Advanced Analytics

The last two months have been really exciting. We made a few changes to the Beaconstac platform based on the incredibly useful feedback we received from you – our coveted customers. A lot of the feedback we received was along the lines of: ‘how can I engage customers better?’ or ‘how do I know what […]

The Beaconstac Eddy Kit Explainer Video

Eddy Kit Explainer Video

A couple of weeks ago, we launched the ‘Beaconstac Eddy Kit’, and are extremely thrilled to see the overwhelming response it has received. Over 150 kits were sold within the first two days of opening for pre-order. For the uninitiated, the kit is a result of our discussions with various prospective clients, who did not […]

Best of Beacons this Week: Google Maps Gets More Ads With Support From Beacons and more

Best of beacons: Google Maps Gets More Ads With Support From Beacons

We are back with another issue of ‘Best of Beacons’. This week we’ve got a great lineup of beacon articles in store, right from how Google maps will now use iBeacon technology to support targeted ads, to the top five iBeacon campaigns from 2016 (so far). So sit back, sip a cup of coffee and […]

Online iBeacon App Development Course: Build a Beacon-enabled iOS App


iBeacon – one of the hottest technology trends of recent times is fast becoming ubiquitous. And with the latest report from Unacast revealing that beacons are on track to hit ABI Research forecast of 400M beacons installed by 2020, this technology is definitely here to stay. One of the most common challenges when it comes […]

Ebook: A Developer’s Guide to Building an iBeacon App

A Developer's Guide to Building an iBeacon App

If you are a developer trying to build an iBeacon app, chances are you have already run into one or more of the following issues: i) The app doesn’t know when it exits a region ii) The app exits a region, while you are still inside the region iii) Notifications are triggered multiple times even […]

Creating an Eddystone Campaign for your Hotel using Beaconstac


As a hotelier, you not only need more guests at your hotel, but also need to find new ways to increase sales to guests already at your property. Beacons are a great way to do engage customers and upsell rooms etc., to them. The only problem is that for beacons to work, you need an […]

Creating a Personalized Digital Signage Campaign using Beaconstac


Most retail beacon implementations today require shoppers to interact with a mobile app. These proximity detection devices then send discounts, ads or offers to the customer’s mobile device when he or she nears a particular product or aisle. But what happens if the customer fails to engage with his or her phone in-store? In such […]

Asia’s First iBeacon Treasure Hunt powered by Beaconstac


Last month saw the implementation of the first iBeacon Treasure Hunt in Asia at Saarang 2016, one of the most popular college fests in India. The event was organized by Clozerr, a customer-retention app that makes use of iBeacon technology. Close to 30 Beaconstac beacons were deployed throughout the event venue (IIT-M campus in Chennai) […]

Why an App Strategy is the most Important part of your Beacon Strategy


Most of our client conversations start with “How do I beacon-enable my app?” or, “Do I really need an app?” While the answers to these are pretty simple, what is interesting is the conversation that ensues. Initially, we thought of these as one-off cases, but over time we have realised that a lot of businesses […]