Kickstart your Beacon Strategy with our Interactive Beacon Hardware Guide

kickstart-your-beacon-strategy-with interactive-beacon-hardware-guide-by-mobstac-beaconstac-beacons-bluetooth-ble

Businesses across various industry verticals are slowly but surely turning to beacons to make their marketing to sales to customer service contextually relevant. However, the first step towards successfully incorporating beacons into your business is procuring the right beacons for your business. Beacons come in all forms and sizes with varied features and capabilities. Do […]

Infographic: Why Beacons are the Future of Customer Engagement


By the end of 2014, there will be 30,000 active beacons in the U.S. With an increasing number of shoppers using their smartphones in-store to compare and get the best deal, retailers are turning to beacons to blend mobile and in-store shopping and create an experience that delights customers. How do beacons accomplish that? Beacons help retailers target […]

Ebook: How Brands and Retailers can go Omni channel using Beacons


In a recent survey by Accenture, 94% of retail decision makers said their companies face “significant barriers” in going omni-channel. However, delivering a rich omni-channel experience to consumers by combining opportunities across various offline and online channels is essential now as it grants customers instant information relating to products and promotions. One of the best […]

Webinar on ‘How to choose the right beacons for your business’ – You are invited!


iBeacon, the most talked about new technology in recent times is all set to change the way people interact with public spaces. Most industries have realized the potential of beacons in enhancing customer experiences, improving business processes, reducing costs, and even driving more revenue. While businesses are eager to try out  this technology, there seems […]

New York Meet Up: Beacon primer – Real world challenges in implementing a beacon strategy


Want to kickstart your beacon strategy? We’re organizing a meet up in our New York office for those who want to learn the basics of beacons as well as understand the challenges you may face while deploying them in the real world. You will gain practical insights on beacon deployment and management, potential pitfalls and lessons […]

Webinar on ‘Challenges of deploying Beacons in the Real World’ – You are invited!


Beacons are transforming the way businesses interact with consumers. By delivering proximity-based, context-aware messages, beacons enhance customer experience as well as enable businesses to know their customers better. While a lot of big brands have already tasted success with these tiny devices, most businesses are still trying to figure out how to integrate beacons with […]

Infographic: The Future of In-Store Shopping


According to a recent Motorola research whitepaper, by 2017, roughly half of all in-store transactions will be completed via mobile devices.  With customers using a mix of several channels to research and buy products, it has become essential for retailers to provide them with a seamless omni channel experience in order to retain them. To stay […]

6 Brands getting Creative with In-Store Retail Technology


The rise in adoption of smartphones and the growing popularity of online retail has resulted in ‘showrooming’ which is causing a decline in brick-and-mortar sales. In an attempt to engage shoppers and enhance their in-store experience, retailers are using everything from interactive mirrors to videos, and virtual mannequins to touchscreens. Providing a digitally-enabled experience in-store is the best […]

3 Fashion Brands Bringing Social Media into their Retail Stores


Most fashion retailers are now using social media to connect with their audiences realizing the huge potential of discovery-led shopping. While some big brands are using multiple social platforms to engage customers and increase their fanbase, there are some who take social engagement to the next level. Here are some of our favorite social media campaigns […]

Infographic: The Future of In-Store Shopping

The future of in-store shopping_mobstac

According to Google’s Mobile In-Store study, 8 in 10 smartphone owners research products while in-store before making a purchase. As more and more customers are turning to mobile to shop conveniently, bricks-and-mortar retailers are losing out on sales. Customers are hopping across various channels and expect to be able to transact with ease across devices. […]