Infographic: Rise of Social Media in Ecommerce


Despite online retail experts debating the impact of social media on ecommerce sales, there’s no denying the fact that brands are investing in social media channels to build a loyal fanbase. Here are some interesting numbers that reiterate the importance of social media in ecommerce. Don’t miss our bonus tips section at the end of […]

Top Paid Channels for Marketing your App


Millions of apps currently populate the App Store and Google Play, making it increasingly difficult for developers with a stringent marketing budget to get their apps discovered. The cost of acquiring a new app user who opens an app three times or more has grown from $1.30 in 2012 to $1.62 at the end of 2013, […]

5 Online Fashion Retailers making the best use of Social Media


With the increase in smartphone ownership, social media is beginning to play a greater role in e-commerce. In 2013, social media giants Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest together accounted for 75 percent of social generated e-commerce sales, according to a BI Intelligence study. The study also found that 39% of Facebook users follow brands to research […]