Best of Beacons this Week: Rite Aid installs Bluetooth Beacons in over 4,500 US Stores and more


We are back with another power-packed issue of ‘Best of Beacons this Week’ as we celebrate the beginning of 2016. This week we’ve got a great lineup of beacon articles in store, right from news of the large-scale beacon deployment by Rite Aid, to information about a new technology called Li-Fi, and a vital report […]

iBeacon vs Eddystone: Which one works better for your Pilot Project?


Google entered the beacon space when it launched Eddystone in July 2015, two years after Apple introduced iBeacon technology. In the presence of the two giants, Apple and Google, this relatively new technology saw a lot of traction. Businesses started identifying opportunities to leverage innovative application scope of bluetooth beacons and beacon-enabled app development to […]

Li-Fi vs iBeacon (BLE) Technology


Of recent, Li-Fi has been a buzzword, given the claims of it being 100 times faster thanWi-Fi and something that could possibly revolutionise IoT. While the technology is still in its trial stage, businesses and technology experts are eagerly comparing it with other location based technologies like iBeacon. Meanwhile, they are also busy exploring various […]

The iBeacon Revolution: Is it for Real or Just Hype?


iBeacon technology has been a topic of prime focus ever since its launch by Apple in 2013. Its mere association with the Apple brand set the expectations high, before the technology could even evolve. Now within a span of two years, beacons have already created a niche space for themselves in a highly competitive market […]

Best of Beacons in 2015: Eddystone, IoT, Top iBeacon Apps, and more


iBeacon technology is growing at an immense pace since its launch at the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in the year 2013. We can gauge this technology’s influence in the near future through a recent study issued by Research and Markets, which states that the global iBeacon market is set to grow at a CAGR […]

Wi-Fi meets iBeacon Technology: Merging the right IoT devices for growth


In most big brands, two of the most important location-based technologies, Wi-Fi and iBeacon are working together to drive IoT growth.  With an array of location-based technologies (NFC, GPS, Wi-Fi, BLE) available, both consumers and businesses are facing an urgent need to identify the distinguishable features of these technologies. Many comparative studies such as iBeacon […]

Best of Beacons this Week: University of Oklahoma uses beacons to find rooms on campus, and more


We are back with another power-packed issue of ‘Best of Beacons this Week’ as we move towards the end of 2015. This week we’ve got a great lineup of beacon articles in store, from vital forecasts studying the growth of global iBeacon market over the period 2014-2019, to how sports industry is leveraging beacons to […]

4 Ways Beacons can Augment Fan Experience at Sports Events


A recent Cisco study stated that 57% people choose to watch games at home instead of going to the venue. This statistic is jolting venue owners and sports teams who are striving to drive footfall to sports venues. The challenge for them is to motivate fans to choose sports venues over the comfort of their […]

5 Reasons to make Beacons a part of your Digital Marketing Strategy


The revenue from Location-based services market is expected to reach $43.3 billion by 2019, as stated in a report titled “Mobile Context & Location Services: Navigation, Tracking, Social & Local Search 2014-2019” issued by Juniper Research. The report also highlighted that over two-thirds of the total revenue, i.e. approximately 71%, will be driven through highly targeted […]

IoT and Home Automation: How Beacons are Changing the Game


Imagine! You come back to your home after a tiring day and are warmly welcomed with a cup of brewed coffee. Your home senses your presence. It switches on the lights as you enter and turns on the music system to your favorite Progressive Rock soundtrack. This is not a far-fetched idea, it’s iBeacon technology […]