Form Enhancements: Beaconstac Product Update

Form Enhancements: Beaconstac Product Update

Our handy “Forms” feature just got a major overhaul. Not only can you design and preview your form in real-time, but you can also start retargeting consumers who interact with your form online on Google and Facebook.  Here’s a list of all the upgrades and how to use them:  #Update 1: Welcome Screen Offer customers […]

QR Code on drug labels: How to prepare for CDSCO’s mandate

The Central Drugs Standard Control Organisation (CDSCO) in India has issued a draft notification that every active pharmaceutical drug must ship with a QR Code.  CREATE DYNAMIC QR CODE START 14 DAY FREE TRIAL Table of Contents Why does CDSCO want a QR Code on drug labels? What can pharmaceutical companies do with a QR […]

Reinforce your branding with your next QR code campaign: Beaconstac Product Update

QR Code Campaign with custom domain and custom URL

Your QR code campaigns can now have a custom domain and a personalized URL.  This feature update will make it easy for your customers to recognize your campaigns and help you target the right segment with the personalized URLs.  CREATE DYNAMIC QR CODE START 14 DAY FREE TRIAL Table of Contents Update 1: Using your […]

Bulk QR Code Generation: Beaconstac Product Update

In the last 4 months, since we’ve launched the QR code generator & solution, we’ve seen over 30,000 QR codes created. And so, we wanted to make creating several QR codes at once easier for you. Introducing the Bulk QR Code Generator for websites, vCards, emails, texts, and calls! CREATE BULK QR CODES START 14 […]

4 Founders, 2 Marketers, and 1 City Council Candidate: What they think of QR Codes in 2019

QR Code in 2019: What marketers and business really think of QR codes

When I was writing this blog post “Are QR Codes still relevant in 2019?”, I saw that there was a sizeable search volume for these terms –  ‘Are QR Codes dead?’ and ‘Will they make a comeback in 2019?’ I trust the data. By 2020, 11 million households in the US alone will scan a […]

Digital QR Code Scavenger Hunt without an app: How-to Guide

QR code scavenger hunt

Scavenger hunts are quite popular amongst children in school, corporate offices, parties, and promotional activities. Apart from being an enjoyable game, it is also used as an orientation activity, team-building event, or professional engagement tool. Traditionally, the scavenger hunt items and clues were printed or written on paper. Using digital solutions, people have maneuvered and […]

Cordova plugin to build Beacon-aware apps

Making your app beacon-aware with Beaconstac has always been fairly simple. We offer our Native Android SDK, Native iOS SDK and React Native SDK to businesses and developers to help them build beacon-aware apps. We are pleased to announce that developers and businesses that use Cordova to create apps can now make their apps beacon […]

Facebook just killed Messenger Scan Codes. Here’s how you can keep using QR codes to drive consumers to your inbox

Facebook QR Codes are now more popular than ever, especially considering the unprecedented times we are currently living in. Facebook QR Codes have especially been used for COVID-19 fund reliefs via NGOs on their Facebook pages, to trace the infection rate, and to establish clear social distancing rules amongst businesses.   The COVID-19 pandemic will most […]

Best QR Code Generator 2020: Find the best one (+ 7 must-have features to look for)

Best QR code generator: How to select the right QR code generator

The best QR Code generator to create QR Code menus for restaurants. Create digital menus for contactless engagement. Beaconstac’s QR Code Generator offers you complete customization and control over your QR Code along with retargeting, tracking and real-time editing capabilities. We’ll dive deep into all of these features and more but first, let’s define the […]

How to scan QR codes with Android phones without an app

How to scan QR codes with Android phones

Need to know how to scan QR Code menus? Pull up the native camera and point it at the QR Code. The menu will pop up instantly as a notification. Learn more about QR Code menus The 2017’s iOS 11 update added the native capability to all iPhones allowing them to scan QR codes without […]