Set up geofencing technology to improve your curbside pickups

curbside pickup with geofencing at a restuarant

Amid the pandemic, consumers are increasingly seeking contactless solutions for safe transactions. Many restaurants and retailers have collaborated curbside pickups with geofencing technology. Geofencing increases operational efficiency, saving you time and money while bringing a great experience to your customers.

Top 5 successful implementations of NFC technology

Top 5 successful implementations of NFC technology

Major brands around the world have achieved phenomenal success by implementing NFC technology in their services. Corporations like Union Pay, Adidas, Japanese Airlines have used it for NFC payments, promotional campaigns, in-store engagement, and more. There is an expected growth in new contactless solutions with NFC technology in retail, healthcare, banking, and financial services.

QR Codes for Successful Digital Marketing Campaigns

QR Codes in digital marketing strategies

With the advent of smartphone culture, consumers are continually accessing information about products, services, entertainment, and more. And they want this information fast. Using QR Codes in digital marketing campaigns not only delivers information at a single scan but also helps in increasing the ROI. This also gives marketers the ability to analyze the effectiveness of the campaigns in real-time, retarget customers and create personalized campaigns for their best buyers

QR Codes on TV: The Next Big Advertising Opportunity

Shoppable QR Code for a clothing brand on television

Thinking of how you can drive sales from TV commercials? Shoppable QR Codes add a mobile-first element to your commercials and help pique consumers’ interest. Check out this article on shoppable QR Codes with helpful use cases and success stories!

Top 10 DTC Brands That Have Mastered QR Code Campaigns

DTC QR Codes within stores to improve customer experience

Working on creating a QR campaign for your DTC brand? Learn how popular brands like Adidas, Lacoste, and Red Bull use QR Codes for better consumer experiences from this complete list and find the inspiration you need!

Top 10 CPG Brands That Nailed Their QR Code Campaigns

Top 10 CPG Brands That Nailed Their QR Code Campaigns

Many CPG brands are creatively using QR Codes in their marketing campaigns, whether it’s to provide information, increase consumer engagement, or foster brand loyalty. Check out the best QR Code campaigns curated by the most popular CPG brands.

QR Codes for real estate: Top 10 real estate agents killing it with QR Codes

QR code in front of a real estate property

Contrary to widely-held belief, millennials are more likely to buy a property than rent one. With changing consumer demography, we need to modify the ways of interacting with our buyers. Some of the top real estate agencies have nailed it by using QR codes. Here are a few learnings from the top 10 real estate agents and realtors who are killing it with QR codes.

QR Codes in the US – How fast is it growing and who is using it?

QR codes are one of the most important marketing tool for businesses in United States

Curious to know about QR Code usage in the United States? Find out from this detailed article highlighting the growing adoption of QR Codes in the USA, how it’s used, and some of the ongoing trends we’ve witnessed.