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Contactless Events: 6 Ways Events Can Make a Comeback With Contactless Solutions

Contactless events

As marketers are grappling with the ongoing crisis of the pandemic, there is also a considerable amount of apprehension about the future of events. As most states are slated to reopen, the second half of the year looks promising since contactless events have become a mandate going forward.
Contactless events with socially aware rules and regulations will be the way of going forward to ensure optimal safety. In the post-COVID era, only those will succeed who can make their audience feel safe.

Gearing Up for Safe Reopening of Schools and Universities with Contactless Solutions

Contactless Solutions for Schools and Universities

With many schools and universities slated to reopen in the fall-term, getting back to normal will take time. Moving to contactless solutions and touchless access controls may not solve hardships, but these are important tools that will establish safe environments for students and the staff.

Adapting Contactless Solutions for Safe Reopening of Hotels Post-COVID

Contactless Solutions for Hotels

Major brands such as Hilton and Marriott are turning to no-touch operations with electrostatic sprayers, sealed hotel rooms, mobile check-in, and contactless ordering. When building a reopening strategy, it is important to opt for contactless solutions for hotels to make guests feel clean, safe, and comfortable.

How can SMBs leverage contactless marketing?

How can SMBs jump on the contactless marketing bandwagon and start targeting consumers with new habits? Read this complete guide

New Challenges and Opportunities for FinTech Companies Post COVID-19

Like every other industry, this global pandemic has posed some serious challenges for FinTech companies as well. Despite the ongoing crisis, this innovative sector is still evolving and generating new opportunities by coming up with some transformative ideas such as shifting to real-time payments, omnichannel payments, and cashless societies to keep up.