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Interactive Business Cards for Networking: Enable Real-Time Client Interactions

Interactive business card allowing real-time client interactions

High interactivity is linked to increased audience engagement and conversions—and for the same reason, making your business cards interactive can improve your networking results. In this article, learn how to create a fully-interactive business card experience through digital business cards.

The Ultimate Guide to Virtual Business Cards (+ How to Create Them)

The ultimate guide to virtual business cards and how to create them

Virtual business cards are replacing their physical counterparts at a fast rate. But what are the reasons behind this widespread switch? What makes virtual business cards superior in terms of networking ROI? Read this article to find out.

Business Card Alternatives: 7 Reasons Why Digital Business Cards Provide the Highest Networking ROI

7 reasons why digital business cards are the best paper business card alternative

Today, you will encounter many alternatives to paper business cards. But which of these alternatives can offer the best networking results? Read on to learn the 7 key reasons why digital business cards are superior to all other paper business card alternatives.

Eco-Friendly Business Card: Network in a Paperless and Sustainable Manner

An eco-friendly business card allows you to network in a paperless and sustainable manner

You will find various eco-friendly paper business card options in the market today. However, to truly achieve sustainability in your networking, you need to go entirely paperless and contactless. In this article, you will uncover why digital business cards are the most sustainable and eco-friendly business card options.

Digital Business Card Benefits: 8 Reasons to Use Them in Your Networking

The 8 digital business card befenit to improve your networking ROI

Digital business cards offer numerous benefits that put you in a better position to win more clients and expand your professional network. This article discusses the top 8 benefits to give you a clear idea of why digital business cards are a better alternative to their traditional paper counterparts.

How to Create a Digital Business Card: Enhance Your Professional Networking

Create a digital business card to enhance your professional networking

Digital business cards act as a more innovative and convenient networking alternative to traditional business cards. This article will walk you through the most optimal way to create a digital business card—as a standalone and in bulk.

What Information to Put on a Business Card: Stand Out with These Essentials

What to put on a business card

A business card can help you convert potential customers, but the card first needs to leave a good impression. One way to do that is by packing it with impactful information for your audience. This article discusses what information to include on your business card for maximized networking success.

How to Send a Digital Business Card: 6 Ways to Maximize Your Networking Efforts

How to Send a Digital Business Card

It is crucial to choose a digital business card solution that lets you efficiently create AND distribute your business cards. This article will discuss 6 ways through which you can send a digital business card using Beaconstac—to help you make the most out of your networking efforts.

Create a Business Card with Social Media Links: Strengthen Your Credibility

Business card with social media links

Creating a business card with social media links opens up more opportunities to build connections, drive engagement, and strengthen your credibility with your target audience. This article shows you how to add social links to your business cards to increase their impact.

Apple Wallet Business Cards: Share Digital Business Cards via Your iPhone

Apple Wallet Business Cards: Share Digital Business Cards via Your iPhone

Sharing your digital business card as an Apple Wallet pass lets you network in a paperless, professional, and convenient way. In this article, we will show you how to send an e-business card to your Apple Wallet so you can directly share it via your iPhone.