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How Can Your Prospect View & Instantly Save Your Digital Business Card [Without Downloading Any App]

How Can Your Prospect View & Instantly Save Your Digital Business Card

Learn how your recipients can view and save your digital business cards in two simple ways. BONUS: See how your prospects can download your card details with a single click.

Digital Business Cards at Events: Benefits, Who Can Use Them, and More

Using digital business cards at events

Learn how digital business cards help you eliminate printing costs and improve networking interactions and ROI during an event. We will also explore who can use them and what information you must include to increase your card’s networking impact.

Stand Out at the SHRM Annual Conference 2023 With These 4 Networking Tips

The SHRM Annual Conference 2023 is bound to be the biggest one yet in the conference’s 75-year history. Check out these top four tips to ensure you maximize your networking results during one of the largest gatherings in the HR industry.

What Is NOT an Example of Professional Networking? Paper Business Cards

Does a paper business card still hold strong as a professional networking tool? Learn why a paper business card is not the best professional networking tool to rely upon today—and what you should switch to instead.

How to Track and Analyze Digital Business Card Engagement Metrics

how to track and analyze digital business cards

Gain valuable insights into your team’s networking performance by tracking your digital business cards’ engagement data. Find out which metrics to track and how to effectively analyze digital business card engagement data to optimize your networking efforts.

Increase the ROI of Your Professional Networking via Digital Business Cards

Conducting professional networking with digital business cards

Professional networking is crucial to achieving your business or career goals. Learn how digital business cards can help you conduct more effective, influential, and ROI-driven professional networking.

The Complete Guide to Using Digital Business Cards in Field Sales

Using digital business cards for field sales

Learn how digital business cards can help you streamline client interactions, track performance, and achieve better outcomes as a field sales professional. We will also explore effective field sales use cases of digital business cards across industries.

Digital Address Book—Collect & Manage Leads via Your Digital Business Cards

A digital address where you can manage the leads captured by your digital business card

Learn how to capture your clients’ contact information directly from your digital business card to build a digital address book. We will also discuss how to utilize this digital address book to export and better manage warm leads collected via your business cards.

How to Update Your Digital Business Cards in Less Than 5 Minutes

update digital business card

Updating your digital business cards is easy and happens in real-time, unlike updating paper business cards. Learn how to update your digital business card in less than 5 minutes and save the time and money associated with re-printing and re-distributing paper business cards.

NFC vs. Digital Business Cards: Which is Better & 6 Reasons Why

Unable to decide between NFC and digital business cards for your networking initiatives? This article will discuss the 6 key reasons why digital business cards are superior to NFC business cards, making them the ideal choice for your business.