7 Powerful Ways to Improve the CPG Consumer Experience

7 Powerful Ways to Improve the CPG Consumer Experience

Explore the seven effective ways to improve the CPG consumer experience and discover the value of smart packaging in the CPG industry!

How to Use QR Codes on Food Packaging: The All-In-One Guide

How to Use QR Codes on Food Packaging: The All-In-One Guide

Adopt an omnichannel marketing strategy and cater to evolved consumer needs using QR Codes on food packaging. Reinforce consumer trust, establish authenticity, and improve brand reputation with this helpful guide to implement a successful QR Code marketing strategy for your F&B brand!

Product Packaging Trends 2021: 17 Latest Trends for Brand Managers

The latest product packaging trends for 2021.

Explore the latest product packaging trends in 2021 to understand how to instil confidence and reinforce trust through packaging throughout the consumer buying journey.

How CPG Brands Can Use QR Codes on Product Packaging for Transparency

How CPG brands can use QR codes for product packaging transparency.

QR Codes are useful to share relevant information with consumers to reinforce trust, improve brand reputation, and foster long-term brand loyalty. Check out this insightful article to using QR Codes on product packaging to establish transparency for your CPG brand.

Revitalize Your CPG Brand By Building First-Party Data with QR Codes and NFC

With Google announcing their plan to phase out third-party cookies by 2022 completely, first-party data will be the go-to for brands henceforth. Read this blog post to know how CPG brands can build first-party data.

How Can CPG Brands Establish a DTC eCommerce Channel?

Direct-to-consumer marketing helps CPG brands differentiate themselves from competitors and understand their consumers better. Explore this insightful guide on how CPG brands can build a DTC eCommerce channel successfully.

How Smart Products and Packaging Can Influence Consumer’s Behaviour

Every year, companies around the world sell trillions and trillions of dollars worth of products. A vast majority of those products involve some kind of packaging. With the rise of e-commerce and the global market, the packaging industry keeps on growing. Back in 2016, the global packaging market was reportedly worth around $757 billion. In […]

Reimagining consumer-good (CPG) brands in post-COVID times

Almost 20 years ago, when SARS infected 8,000 people in China, it helped catapult Alibaba Group into a global online retail giant

Today, with 4.18 million people affected with COVID-19 worldwide, forward-thinking CPG brands are preparing to flip the switch and go contactless

Top 10 DTC Brands That Have Mastered QR Code Campaigns

DTC QR Codes within stores to improve customer experience

With consumers today demanding for a better experience, companies and brands are turning from B2C to Direct-to-Customer or DTC brands. QR codes are already a powerful tool among the DTC brands that are placed on the products, magazines, print advertisements, billboards facilitating increased visual engagement through product information, interactive advertisements and entertaining videos.

Top 10 CPG Brands That Nailed Their QR Code Campaigns

Brands use CPG QR Codes to provide product information

Many CPG brands are creatively using QR Codes in their marketing campaigns, whether it’s to provide information, increase consumer engagement, or foster brand loyalty. Check out the best QR Code campaigns curated by the most popular CPG brands.