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Creating a Beacon Campaign for your Airport using Beaconstac


According to a report formulated by SITA, the airline industry organization, nearly 80% of airlines are planning to invest majorly in smartphone-enabled passenger services over the next three years. Almost one third of airlines worldwide have already invested in IoT programs with 38% of airlines expected to have IoT initiatives up and running in the […]

10 Airports Using Beacons to Take Passenger Experience to the Next Level


The travel and tourism industry, over the past couple of years has made significant strides to adopt new and innovative technologies like NFC, QR codes, iBeacon technology and Augmented Reality among many others. Such connected technologies are helping reshape passenger experiences at airports as well. According to MediaPost, more than one third of airlines worldwide […]

Creating an Eddystone Campaign for your Hotel using Beaconstac


As a hotelier, you not only need more guests at your hotel, but also need to find new ways to increase sales to guests already at your property. Beacons are a great way to do engage customers and upsell rooms etc., to them. The only problem is that for beacons to work, you need an […]

How Beacons are Transforming the Travel Industry


iBeacon technology has witnessed adoption across diverse domains, from retail to education to museums, over the past few years. Although the retail industry has been the frontrunner in deploying beacon projects, the tourism industry has also seen significant transformation by leveraging beacons. Why are beacons of great value in tourism? Given the hyper-local and contextual capabilities […]

6 Ways Beacons can make your Daily Commute Easier


Public transport has always been considered as a cornerstone of any great city. Over several decades, various kinds of technology have enabled transport providers to provide users with an enhanced travel experience. Mobile applications for example, enable users to keep up with public transport schedules and accordingly plan their travel, without having to spend time […]

How Airlines can use Beacons to Enhance Travel Experience

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The out-of-home, unfamiliar nature of travel has made mobile phone connectivity a must-have for travellers, especially when they need information the most. Beacons, the latest buzz in the industry, have triggered a new wave of initiatives aimed at bringing the vision of a personalized air travel experience closer.These small BLE devices coupled with connected mobile […]

How Hotels can use Beacons to Enhance Guest Experiences

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The ibeacon, one of the most ‘disruptive’ technologies of 2014, is already making waves across various industry verticals for all the revenue opportunities and enhanced customer experience it offers businesses. Though the first few beacon applications are largely related to retail, public spaces such as stadiums, theme parks, museums etc, are already tapping into beacon’s […]

How Hotels can use Beacons to Enhance Guest Experiences

Integration of context into apps is one of the key trends for 2014. How well contextual intelligence is integrated into the app experience, marks the difference between a good versus a great application. For an application, location is one of the most powerful triggers of action. Until now, the technologies available have suffered from three […]