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Create a QR Code for Data Collection (The Simple Way)


Collecting customer data for better serving them is common for businesses. Discover how you can easily create a QR Code for data collection with Beaconstac, using Google Forms, and make this process faster and simpler.

Create a QR Code Questionnaire (and Collect Responses Quickly)


Share and receive customer responses easily with a QR Code questionnaire. Create a free QR Code for a questionnaire for Google Forms with Beaconstac.

How To Create a QR Code for WeChat in 4 Steps

How to create a QR Code for WeChat

Boost your brand on WeChat with a simple QR Code. Learn the steps to create one and start connecting with prospects and customers.

How To Create a QR Code for OneDrive File in 4 Steps

QR Codes for OneDrive files.

Replace lengthy and confusing OneDrive URLs with customizable QR Codes! Read on and learn to create QR Codes for OneDrive files.

QR Code Trends & Statistics Report 2023 [Updated]

Beaconstac's QR Code trends report 2023

Get ahead with the most recent data and trends dominating the QR Code landscape in 2023. Beaconstac’s updated trends report dives deep into the patterns, providing essential insights for businesses and marketers alike.

How QR Code Sign-In Sheets Make Attendance Tracking A Cakewalk


Use QR Code sign-in sheets for attendance tracking for real estate, education, corporate, and event management. Create one with Google Forms to enable effortless automation.

How to Create a Feedback Form QR Code with Google Forms


Feedback forms, when used with Google Forms, help you collect customer feedback in seconds. Discover how to create a feedback QR Code with Google Forms and some examples to get you started.

How To Create QR Codes for Tickets: A Beginner’s Guide

How To Create QR Codes for Tickets

Learn how to create QR Codes for tickets for hassle-free attendee entry and brand-customer interaction before, during, and after your event.

Is That QR Code Safe? How To Evaluate and Stay Protected

How to check if a QR Code is safe

Learn how to ensure QR Code safety and security with our step-by-step guide. Discover best practices, tools, and how to avoid fraud QR Code scans.

How To Create Interactive QR Codes For a Badge [+Tips]

How to create QR Code for a badge

Learn how to create a customizable QR Code for any content type using Beaconstac and make your badges interactive.