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Share Audio-Visual Content With The World: Use Multimedia QR Code Generator

Use mutimedia QR Code generator to generate qr codes for audio and visual content

Create QR Code to share videos, audio, PDFs, and images easily with Beaconstac’s multimedia QR Code generator. Custom design and track the performance of your multimedia QR Code effortlessly.

SurveyMonkey QR Code vs Beaconstac: A Complete Comparison

SurveyMonkey QR Codes vs Beaconstac QR Codes

SurveyMonkey QR Codes are static, which can restrict you from obtaining data related to survey performance. If you’re looking to better understand your audience, here’s how a switch to dynamic QR Codes can help.

How To Combine Multiple Links into One—the Easy Way

How to combine all your links into one?

As you expand your digital footprint, the number of links you create and share starts piling up. Managing and individually sharing all the links with your customers can get overwhelming. Learn how to simplify the link-sharing process by consolidating all your links into one.

Generate Clear & Scalable Vector QR Codes: Use EPS & SVG Formats

Marketing growth with the power of vector QR Codes

Create vector QR Codes that you can dynamically adjust for multiple dimensions without losing its clarity and sharpness—be it for an 11-inch brochure or a 48-feet billboard.

Boost Efficiency and Tracking with QR Codes for Organization

Organization QR Codes are QR Codes that can be used as stickers, labels, and tags.

Manual organization can mean checklists and redundant logbooks that consume time. Use QR Code stickers, labels, and tags to organize and store inventory with ease. Read on to learn the advantages of organization QR Codes.

How to Create QR Codes With Password: In-Depth Guide

Add an extra layer of security to your documents and easily share sensitive content using QR Codes with password. Explore the different ways to use password-protected QR Codes.

QR Code Engraving: Is it Worth it? The Whys, Hows & Best-Practices

Discover a world of customer engagement with creative QR Code engraving ideas. From restaurant menus to custom nameplates, learn how businesses use engraved QR Codes to enhance their marketing efforts and enrich customer interactions.

Ensure Clarity and Scannability With High Resolution QR Codes

Learn how to create High resolution QR Codes

High resolution QR Codes are resizeable across versatile marketing campaigns. They retain clarity, and ensure that you never miss out on a scan!

QR Codes in Hospitality Industry: Enhance Customer Experience & Generate Revenue

QR Codes in hospitality sector

Customer experience is the epitome of hospitality industry. Use QR Codes to enhance guest experience and offer better services. Retain customers, generate new leads and boost your ROI.

Transparent QR Codes: Easy to Create and Merge With Design Collaterals

Make design engaging and attractive with transparent QR Codes

Leverage transparent QR Codes that perfectly blend into every design. Increase brand awareness, attract customers, and boost conversions.