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14 QR Code Business Card Templates & Design Ideas: Impress Your Audience

14 QR Code Business Card Templates & Design Ideas

Are you looking for some creative ideas to effectively leverage your QR Code business cards? Check out these 14 attractive templates and design ideas to get started.

Manage Bulk QR Code Generation from a Single Google Sheet

Manage Bulk QR Code Generation from a Single Google Sheet

Generate and manage QR Codes in bulk using an all-in-one integration – the Google Sheets add-on. Save time, enhance team collaborations, and become more action efficient.

Effective Ways to Offer a Top-notch Proactive Customer Service Over Social

Social media channels remain an essential cog in the wheel of customer engagement. Learn how your brand can improve customer success for the long haul with proactive support over social in this blog!

5,000+ reasons to celebrate our growth

MobStac's growth

Today I am excited to share that we crossed 5,000 paying customers from across 120 countries. We began this journey to reimagine how better to integrate digital and physical worlds, and we are delighted to see that the growing list of customers is only validating this need for a Phygital Customer Engagement platform.

QR Codes for Text Messaging: Increase Conversions and Customer Engagement

Looking to increase conversions and customer engagement? Learn how businesses of various sizes increased their traffic with QR Codes for text messaging to achieve maximum results.

Six Ways Brands are Using Proximity Marketing Right Now

Struggling to improve customer engagement for your brand? Follow the footsteps of Walmart, Ikea, and Target to improve customer engagement via proximity marketing.

QR Codes Exploitation: How to Mitigate the Risk?

QR Code mitigation

With the rise in QR Code exploits, how can businesses and consumers decipher what a QR Code holds before scanning and mitigate the risks of a malicious QR Code? Find out how!

Product Packaging Design Tools: The Ultimate Guide to Picking the Right Solution

Product packaging design tools

Looking for a design software that fits your requirements? Check out this detailed guide on product packaging design tools with helpful information on how to create an effective packaging design.

A Guide to Generate Leads Using QR Codes

A guide to generate leads using QR Codes

How do JLO Beauty, Supergoop, and L’Oreal drive traffic and improve the quality of customers?
Using QR Codes!
Discover how you can do the same.

QR Codes in Australia: Surge of QR Codes

What led to the surge in the usage of QR Codes in Australia? Is it because of contact tracing or payments? What does the future hold? Let’s find out.