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Manage and Maximize Efficiency With QR Codes for Inventory Management

QR Codes for inventory management

QR Codes were primarily developed to track vehicles during the process of car manufacturing by a Japanese automobile company in 1994. With complex global manufacturing and logistics systems, QR Codes for inventory provides the capability to hold much more comprehensive information for these systems to function properly.

QR Codes for Election Campaigns: How Can They Be Used?

QR Codes for election campaigns

An election campaign constitutes a myriad of operations – field organizing, collecting voter data, targeting voters, understanding the political landscape, and campaign marketing to name a few.

Luckily, technologies such as QR Codes for election campaigns can help campaign organizers ease and automate their process to maximize their outreach.

Read this blog post to learn how QR Codes can be used in election campaigns.

App Clips in iOS 14 Helps you Use an App Without Downloading it Via QR Code or an NFC Tag

App clips in iOS 14 - Use apps without downloading via QR Code or NFC

Apple previewed iOS 14 to be released this fall, but the most powerful announcement was ‘App Clips,’ where users can access parts of an app without having to download it or navigate the entire app via QR Code or an NFC tag.

Zapier Integration: Beaconstac Product Update

63% of companies that are outgrowing their competition are using automation. The reason? It’s simple. Automation in marketing saves time, increases customer engagement and drives upselling. So, why aren’t more companies using it? Table of Contents What is Zapier? How to set up your Zapier account What can you do with the Zapier integration? Get notified every […]

How to Boost Your Productivity in 3 Effective Ways

Managing your daily workflow presents a challenge to many professionals in all industries.  There is no one answer to combating low productivity and it differs depending on your job. However, there are a few broad trends that determine the effectiveness of your workflow.  In this article I’ll give you the following three tips to help […]

How to Create an Offline to Online Sales Funnel That Converts

While ecommerce has certainly boomed over the last decade, 85% of sales are still made offline. This demands that you have a robust offline sales funnel that filters your prospective customers into your digital marketing funnel. By diverting offline leads through your online sales processes, you streamline your offline to online sales funnel. This increases […]

How to Grow Your Sales Using Proximity Marketing During a Pandemic

The current global pandemic is significantly affecting retail. Physical stores are suffering the most due to lockdowns and movement restrictions. As a business owner, you now have to think proactively about your store and its marketing strategies. One of these strategies is the usage of proximity marketing.  Various technologies determine the location of a device. […]

Gearing Up for Safe Reopening of Schools and Universities with Contactless Solutions

Contactless Solutions for Schools and Universities

With many schools and universities slated to reopen in the fall-term, getting back to normal will take time. Moving to contactless solutions and touchless access controls may not solve hardships, but these are important tools that will establish safe environments for students and the staff.

Set up geofencing technology to improve your curbside pickups

curbside pickup with geofencing at a restuarant

Amid the pandemic, consumers are increasingly seeking contactless solutions for safe transactions. Many restaurants and retailers have collaborated curbside pickups with geofencing technology. Geofencing increases operational efficiency, saving you time and money while bringing a great experience to your customers.

Adapting Contactless Solutions for Safe Reopening of Hotels Post-COVID

Contactless Solutions for Hotels

Major brands such as Hilton and Marriott are turning to no-touch operations with electrostatic sprayers, sealed hotel rooms, mobile check-in, and contactless ordering. When building a reopening strategy, it is important to opt for contactless solutions for hotels to make guests feel clean, safe, and comfortable.