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Top 5 successful implementations of NFC technology

Customers preferring NFC contacless services

Major brands around the world have achieved phenomenal success by implementing NFC technology in their services. Corporations like Union Pay, Adidas, Japanese Airlines have used it for NFC payments, promotional campaigns, in-store engagement, and more. There is an expected growth in new contactless solutions with NFC technology in retail, healthcare, banking, and financial services.

The B2B Guide to Social Media

If you’re not using social media to market your B2B company, start now. If you are, keep up with new features and try new things – the platforms are constantly evolving.

How Will Covid-19 Affect Location-Based Marketing?

How location-based marketing can see a surge due to changing consumer habits during and post the pandemic.

New Challenges and Opportunities for FinTech Companies Post COVID-19

Like every other industry, this global pandemic has posed some serious challenges for FinTech companies as well. Despite the ongoing crisis, this innovative sector is still evolving and generating new opportunities by coming up with some transformative ideas such as shifting to real-time payments, omnichannel payments, and cashless societies to keep up.

Returning to work during the pandemic: 7 ways contactless solutions can help

Contactless solutions that leverage app-less technology like QR Codes and NFC or app-based solutions can ensure physical distancing, help employees avoid surfaces and avoid overcrowding.

How Will the Pandemic Propel the Adoption of NFC in a Post-COVID World?

As the world continues to sail through uncertainty in the newly adopted world, businesses are faced with many challenges – shifting business hours, fluctuating supply chains, and protecting their employees – all while ensuring that the public health is a priority whilst taking these decisions.
Contactless solutions will be the new future in a post-pandemic world. Contactless technologies such as NFC tags and QR Codes are on the rise and will continue to be in existence since it promotes zero-touch.

QR Codes for Successful Digital Marketing Campaigns

QR Codes in digital marketing strategies

With the advent of smartphone culture, consumers are continually accessing information about products, services, entertainment, and more. And they want this information fast. Using QR Codes in digital marketing campaigns not only delivers information at a single scan but also helps in increasing the ROI. This also gives marketers the ability to analyze the effectiveness of the campaigns in real-time, retarget customers and create personalized campaigns for their best buyers

Reimagining consumer-good (CPG) brands in post-COVID times

Almost 20 years ago, when SARS infected 8,000 people in China, it helped catapult Alibaba Group into a global online retail giant

Today, with 4.18 million people affected with COVID-19 worldwide, forward-thinking CPG brands are preparing to flip the switch and go contactless

NFC for Luxury Brand Strategy: Fight Counterfeit and Market Effectively

NFC for luxury brands

The global counterfeit market is slowly growing to be hazardous accounting for $1.2 trillion globally.

Luxury brands especially fall prey to it.

NFC is a pathway that gives brands more ways to strengthen the brand, streamline operations, and connect with customers to increase revenue and protect the brand.

Shoppable QR Codes: The Next Big Advertising Opportunity

Shoppable QR Code for a clothing brand on television

Brands today are relying more on direct-to-customer interactions to sell their products on social media. TV advertisements are facing a lower engagement rate as viewers are using smartphones and tablets during commercials. NBCU and other brands are using shoppable QR Codes to engage viewers by letting them buy products by scanning QR Codes on the TV screen which links to the brands’ e-commerce website.