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Instagram QR Codes: 5 Steps to Instagram Success

Instagram QR Codes

QR Codes are a valuable asset to your Instagram page. Learn how to strategically grow and promote your business by using Instagram QR Codes.

Relationship Marketing: How to Make Your Customers Love You Forever

Relationship marketing

Want to learn how to improve your relationship marketing with your customers to retain them as loyal customers? Read this blog post!

QR Codes for Museums: Improve Visitor Experience

QR Codes for Museums

QR Codes for museums can be used to share interesting facts about an art piece, minimize waiting time, and more. Read this blog post to learn 7 interesting ways QR Codes can help museums improve visitor experience!

Security at Beaconstac: We’re now SOC 2® certified!

Beaconstac is SOC 2 compliant

Beaconstac becomes the first QR Code platform on the planet to be SOC 2® Type 1 certified! As you march towards building and scaling up a connected physical and digital world, it’s important for us that your brand and audiences are always interacting in a safe environment. What does SOC 2® certified mean? How did […]

5 Reasons Customers Aren’t Using your QR Codes (And What to Do About it)

Reasons why customers aren't using QR Codes

Read this blog post to understand five reasons why your customers aren’t using your QR Codes and how to fix them.

How to Use Marketing Automation to Turn Sporadic Consumers into Lifelong Customers

Marketing Automation to Turn Sporadic Consumers into Lifelong Customers

Learn how to use marketing automation to turn sporadic customers into lifelong customers with five examples in this blog post!

Audio QR Code: Convert and Share Any MP3 in a Flash!

Audio QR Code

Explore how to create and share audio files – music albums, podcasts, and audio lessons with audio QR Codes in a jiffy.

Best QR Code Printers in 2021

Best QR Code Printers in 2021

How do you find a QR Code printer suited to your needs? What factors determine that the QR Code printer is right for your business? Check out our comprehensive list of the best QR Code printers and find one that suits your needs best!

Are QR Codes on Business Cards a Good or Bad Idea?

Are QR Codes on Business Cards a Good or Bad Idea?

Ever wondered if adding QR Codes on business cards would benefit brands and enhance interactions? Check out this insightful article to find out!

Vaccination QR Codes: Digital Passports, Vials, and Certificates to Kickstart the Vaccination Drive

Vaccination QR Codes

With the COVID-19 vaccination being rolled out across the globe, governments and establishments are assigning vaccination QR Codes for passports, certificates, and more. Read this blog post to know how various countries are using vaccination QR Codes and why they are the right fit!