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Zero-touch Retail: The future of a post-pandemic world

With all the short-term challenges that retailers and brands face – health and safety, decreased labor force and consumer demand, one solution that has consistently proven to be effective is contactless or zero-touch marketing strategies.

Top 10 DTC Brands That Have Mastered QR Code Campaigns

DTC QR Codes within stores to improve customer experience

With consumers today demanding for a better experience, companies and brands are turning from B2C to Direct-to-Customer or DTC brands. QR codes are already a powerful tool among the DTC brands that are placed on the products, magazines, print advertisements, billboards facilitating increased visual engagement through product information, interactive advertisements and entertaining videos.

Frame QR Code: How to Use it to Increase Customer Engagement

A number of popular brands such as JC Penney, McDonalds, and Tag Heuer have witnessed a spike in customer engagement by adding appropriate CTAs to their QR Code campaigns.

How do frame QR Codes help?

Restaurants in the post-COVID world: QR Code menus + other actionable strategies to reopen


While restaurants are eager to formulate a robust post-crisis plan, the evolving consumer behavior makes this hard to do. In this blog post, I talk about the expected change in consumer behavior and how restaurants can adapt to keep their doors open post-lockdown.

Top 10 CPG Brands That Nailed Their QR Code Campaigns

Brands use CPG QR Codes to provide product information

Consumer Packaged Good(CPG) brands are using QR codes to provide informative, engaging and interactive experiences for consumers. To increase their brand loyalty many CPG brands have found creative ways to use QR codes in their marketing strategies. In this blog we will learn how top 10 brands are killing with QR codes.

COVID-19 Solutions: Companies that are using tech to fight the virus

Global Tech solutions fighting COVID-19

Companies around the globe are turning to technology to keep communities engaged, facilitate contact tracing and help the economy.

Top 10 real estate agents and realtors killing it with QR codes

QR code in front of a real estate property

Contrary to widely-held belief, millennials are more likely to buy a property than rent one. With changing consumer demography, we need to modify the ways of interacting with our buyers. Some of the top real estate agencies have nailed it by using QR codes. Here are a few learnings of Top 10 real estate agents and realtors who are killing it with QR codes.

QR Codes in the U.S.- How fast is it growing and who’s using it

QR codes are one of the most important marketing tool for businesses in United States

Market spaces for many SMEs and MSMEs in the United States have undergone a drastic change over a few months. Businesses in the US need new marketing strategies to sustain in their respective markets. QR codes can help these businesses attract new customers, incentivize them, retarget existing customers and build trust.

Contactless Payment + Contactless Marketing: Why is it Important to Switch?

Contactless payment and contactless solutions are now on the surge considering the advantages it has over traditional methods.

Given the time that we are in right now, contactless payment and contactless marketing such as delivery, access into buildings/institutions, and sharing information is largely beneficial.

QR Codes for Hotels: How to Implement it for Better Customer Journeys

The hospitality and tourism industry has evolved in leaps and bounds over the last couple of years by including the latest technology to stay abreast of the latest trends.

QR Codes, on the other hand, are not as expensive as other technologies but deliver an equally fulfilling experience.

QR Codes are easy to troubleshoot, affordable, edit, trackable, and can even be used for retargeting.