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How to Use QR Codes in your Social Media Marketing?

QR Codes for social media marketing

Learn how to use QR codes in your social media marketing and witness growth.

5 Proven Ways Businesses Can Reduce Customer Acquisition Cost and Improve ROI

Learn four actionable ways on how businesses can reduce customer acquisition cost and improve ROI in this blog post.

5 Creative Uses of QR codes for Marketing

Creative uses of QR Codes for marketing campaigns

With QR Codes being ubiquitous across the globe for several use-cases, read this blog post on 5 creative uses of QR Codes for marketing campaigns.

Five Reasons Why to Gamify Your Marketing Campaigns in 2021

The topic of ‘gamification’ is undoubtedly trending over the last few years, buzzing around both the marketing and business world. Read this blog post on how to gamify your marketing campaign!

QR Codes for Gyms and Fitness Products: Jump On the Digital Bandwagon!

QR Codes for gyms and fitness products

QR Codes for gyms and fitness products have remodeled the way gyms function in heaps. Learn 7 compelling applications of QR Codes for fitness products and gyms in this blog post!

Tips On How to Implement a Proximity Marketing Campaign For Your Business

Proximity marketing campaign for businesses

Proximity marketing has always proven to be beneficial for businesses of all sizes. Learn 7 tips on how to enforce proximity marketing for your business in this blog post.

QR Codes for Churches: Pray, Donate, and Worship With a Quick Scan

QR Codes for churches

The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic has altered the way churches function. Virtual tools and technologies such as QR Codes have helped devotees and churches tremendously. Read this blog post to learn about six interesting use-cases of QR Codes for churches!

Boost Your eCommerce Sales With Geofencing

Boost eCommerce sales with geofencing

Learn how to target the right audience, boost sales, and improve the overall ROI of your eCommerce store in this blog post.

QR Code Asset Management: Streamline Your Process With a Single Scan!

QR Codes for asset management

Learn how to create QR Codes for asset management and tracking to streamline process with a quick scan!

WiFi QR Code: Scan QR Code to Connect To Any WiFi Network Instantly

WiFi QR Codes

Learn how to scan a WiFi QR Code from a smartphone or tablet to connect to a WiFi network to access the internet in this blog post.